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  1. I'm looking for any research related to gluten intolerance/sensitivity or celiac disease and a possible link to alcoholism. I've googled, but haven't found anything substantial. Anyone have an actual study or publication they're familiar with? Thanks.
  2. I'm not sure exactly what a number less than 1 would mean, BUT for your reference my son is IgA deficient (confirmed with a Total IgA lab report) and his IgA ttG was 1. ?? not sure if this helps you?? They definately should have ran a total IgA, from the sounds of it, they don't know what they're...
  3. No problem on the typing mistake......we all make them. I am so intrigued to hear someone with a similar story about suspected gluten intolerant symptoms subsiding during pregnancy. I have read somewhere that autoimmune disorders such as arthritis and MS can do this during pregnancy, but I wonder...
  4. Dear Megan, You wrote: "Then about a month after my gluten-free diagnosis - I got pregnant with my son. " and "Anyway, so tonight, I am starting on my gluten-free diet, and will have DS on it as well - and see what happens. If it doesnt make a difference, its back to square one with...