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  1. I'm wondering if my sister's ear problems can be blamed on Celiac. She had a positive blood test but is in denial and has the support of her GP to stay in denial, so she refuses to go gluten free. But for the past two or three years she's had pretty bad ear problems. Apparently, her ears are always filled with fluid and she gets frequent ear infections (her constant use of Q-Tips, due to all the fluid and build up, adds to the problem). She hasn't been extremely proactive, and mostly just treats it with antibiotics when she gets an infection, but she has been to two ENTs who basically dismisse
  2. Ha, yeah. He actually said it sounds like it could be something or other, but that's something that you can only see when it's actually happening. (The blurriness has faded since the first day of very severe blurriness.) But he basically told me that there's nothing he can do. Oh well. At least I was a very interesting anomaly to the first doctor. Too bad his office was so horrible.
  3. That's very interesting. Though whatever problem I had last year was not related to dry eyes, with all the testing them were doing, they found that my eyes were very dry as well. (This was despite the fact that my eyes are usually teary due to allergies.) This time around, the doctor said he couldn't see anything wrong with my eyes, so it could just be dry eyes, though I need to get to an optometrist to see if maybe I just need glasses. Though the little bit of testing the ophthalmologist did, I still have 20/20. By the way, for those who asked, I'm 24, so it's not likely an age related pro
  4. Don't worry, I'm a bit of a hypochondriac, so I make sure everything gets taken care of. I was just wondering if there's anything I can tell the doctor today that can help us find an underlying cause. Last year I went to the top eye guy at the local hospital (though there's a huge eye center near by that is considered the top eye place in this part of the world, which I've been given instructions to go to as an emergency case if this ever happens a third time) and the top eye guy couldn't figure out an underlying cause. He thought it would be vitamin A deficiency, but when I had my vitamins te
  5. About a year ago, after I'd been gluten free for 6-9 months, I noticed that my left eye was blurry. I got it checked and I had some weird spot on my cornea or lens or something. The doctor couldn't figure out what the cause was (whatever it was is usually something present at birth) and gave me steroid drops and sent me on my way. Since then, my left eye has been completely clear, but a couple of days ago, my right eye suddenly went blurry. I'm getting it checked out tomorrow, but I was wondering if there's any correlation between celiac and eye problems.
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