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  1. I don't know about severe cases like that one, or causing fatal allergies, but I do know that I have grown more sensitive to gluten since going gluten-free. I really never had any noticeable reaction to gluten before I was diagnosed with celiac, as my only symptoms were severe weight loss and anemia. But since then any slight glutening causes indigestion, and I recently had my first really bad glutening since I first went on the diet. The reaction was horrible gassy pain that came on within an hour and did not go away until the next day. I had to force myself to sleep the whole day just to avoid the pain. So, yes, my sensitivity, or at least my reaction, has increased.
  2. I'm wondering if my sister's ear problems can be blamed on Celiac. She had a positive blood test but is in denial and has the support of her GP to stay in denial, so she refuses to go gluten free. But for the past two or three years she's had pretty bad ear problems. Apparently, her ears are always filled with fluid and she gets frequent ear infections (her constant use of Q-Tips, due to all the fluid and build up, adds to the problem). She hasn't been extremely proactive, and mostly just treats it with antibiotics when she gets an infection, but she has been to two ENTs who basically dismissed her. (One told her it's due to her oily skin!) But does this sound like it could be a gluten issue?
  3. I've always had extremely painful periods (though not so bad that I was vomiting) but birth control helped a lot. I went off BC temporarily and found that the pain wasn't as bad, but my period was much heavier than it was before I ever used BC. I don't know if that was an effect of the BC or something to do with being gluten free. But it was nearly as annoying as the horrible pain, so back on BC I went.
  4. I had this for a few months recently. It wasn't nausea but there was a sharp, stabbing pain at random times through out the day. I had a whole battery of tests run, and they didn't find anything. After about three months of this, it just sorta went away on its own. (Two things that may have contributed to it going away: I bought a journal to keep track of everything I ate and the pains to find any sort of relationship. Right after buying that, of course the pains stopped. Second thing is that my mom bought me this royal jelly stuff and had me take it for a while. My doctor told me that I can tell her it was definitely the royal jelly, even though he doubts it. )
  5. Can you tell me more about this, or where I can find information about this? I suspect my nephew has celiac, but the blood test was negative so my sister-in-law says he doesn't. (This is despite the fact that my brother, her husband, had a negative blood test but CLEARLY has celiac, and is gluten-free.)
  6. Well, my week on it seems to have had some sort of effect, so I will definitely be finishing this. WARNING: ABOUT TO SHARE WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION! I don't know if there are actually worms in my BMs, but they look weird, and like there's something there that should not be. They are also a much better consistency than they usually are. I usually have very hard or very loose, nothing in between. But now they seem to be soft and solid.
  7. I've taken a few days off because I realized I started at a horrible time. I'm in the middle of a move and my dad is getting married and several other things. I'll start again on Monday after things have calmed down. Hopefully I haven't screwed everything up!
  8. I haven't really had any side effects except the first day. But I'm worried I've ruined everything because I took my dose late yesterday. And this morning too. I get so scared when the instructions say that you have to take them at such an exact time. Oh, well, I guess.
  9. I started this morning, too! I had some stomach upset this afternoon, but some of it may be in my head.
  10. I ordered mine on Sunday and got an email on Thursday saying it had shipped on Wednesday. So I expect it any day.
  11. I lost a lot of hair prior to my diagnosis. It got thicker after I went gluten free, but it's still very very sensitive and the slightest change in my diet makes it all fall out again. I've never had the thickest hair ever, but I'm hoping that I'll find something that will at least make it healthy again.
  12. This sounds amazing, but does the Pillcam get any biopsies when it's in there? Or would the doctors need to do an endoscopy and get a biopsy if the Pillcam is negative? I'm just wondering because this seems like a much easier option to try to convince my sister to do, since she's very reluctant to do an endoscopy, and refuses to believe that her positive blood test means anything.
  13. Yeah, it sounds great, but I'm scared of side effects. Is it something where I'm going to have to be chained to a toilet for a couple of days? I couldn't find any side effect info on the site. Not that I would mind a couple of days of side effects, I just want to be prepared.
  14. Ha, yeah. He actually said it sounds like it could be something or other, but that's something that you can only see when it's actually happening. (The blurriness has faded since the first day of very severe blurriness.) But he basically told me that there's nothing he can do. Oh well. At least I was a very interesting anomaly to the first doctor. Too bad his office was so horrible.
  15. That's very interesting. Though whatever problem I had last year was not related to dry eyes, with all the testing them were doing, they found that my eyes were very dry as well. (This was despite the fact that my eyes are usually teary due to allergies.) This time around, the doctor said he couldn't see anything wrong with my eyes, so it could just be dry eyes, though I need to get to an optometrist to see if maybe I just need glasses. Though the little bit of testing the ophthalmologist did, I still have 20/20. By the way, for those who asked, I'm 24, so it's not likely an age related problem. I'm mostly concerned because it's a repeat of a problem that they couldn't find a source for last year. But the doctor seems to think it's all in my head, so...
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