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  1. THIS! THIS! is what ASL (American Sign Language) looks like when properly done! In many ways I find it superior to English! Watch the little girl tell the story, its well worth the 4 1/2 or so minutes! Wish I still lived near the church that was teaching ASL for free...only learned some of the basics...
  2. Laugh all you want... it is working - everyone is talking about it in this thread and that is all the advertisers want.
  3. W00T! Last final for the semester turned in! Done with school until next year!
  4. Well sorta followed : http://allrecipes.com/recipe/eggless-eggnog/ But added cinnamon and used vanilla extract instead of rum extract and used 1 less cup of milk - next time might add whipping cream in place of some of the milk to make it thicker. It was much thiner then "real" eggnog - but...
  5. BTW - found a recipe and surprisingly it was pretty darn close!
  6. Taking my poor kid back to allergy testing tommorrow... looking at maybe starting him on the shots. He hates shots so that should be a fun converstation but really he is freaking only 10 and taking 3-4 diferent meds a day for allergies. Need to do somthing.
  7. Thats great loey!!!! I am feeling a bit of pain today too LOL
  8. THese are GREAT http://dontpkethebear.com/uncategorized/27-reasons-why-parents-shouldnt-be-allowed-to-text/