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  1. Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions! I think I'm still going to try it, but I won't be too disappointed if it doesn't work. (We're talking a quarter cup of quinoa and half a cup each of orange juice and almond milk, so if it does reverse...
  2. Thanks! I don't actually use baking soda or baking powder (might explain why all my baked goods turn out as pancakes ) but it's a very good suggestion.
  3. It won't reverse space-time or anything like that will it? Seriously, there's no reason in particular not to cook with either orange juice or almond milk, is there? I can't think of any but have never cooked with either that I can think...
  4. Dammit. As somebody notes, probably just CYA, but better safe than sorry, certainly.
  5. Also Aldi ground cumin, dammit. There are people who think that when Aldi changes one of its imaginary brand names, that means they also changed suppliers. I was never one of those people, before. But I think both of the ones reading "may...
  6. Checking the ingredients every time is wise; I wish I had.
  7. I get very little immediate effect when I ingest gluten. Usually a case of the trots about 5 in the morning, but little else. Better safe than sorry, I figure.
  8. Zippy! I'm kind of hoping this is the sweet spice I like so much in pho. But that's probably rock sugar.
  9. I just found out that North American cinnamon isn't cinnamon. Don't know if they'll allow this link; if not, look up cassia on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinnamomum_aromaticum Now I want the Sri Lankan stuff!
  10. Oh darn! So sorry. Yes, it's really hard working with spices. Wishing you better luck in the future.
  11. It must be a pretty new labeling (this year); I certainly checked the label before I started buying Aldi cinnamon, and as you say, it didn't say anything like this before.
  12. I didn't even look, having started trusting single-spice packages. I need to remember that that's only McCormick. Oh well. I'll be throwing out a third of a jar; this means of course that I ate two-thirds of it. Oops!
  13. The Fluffy Assassin

    Don Pancho Gluten Free Wraps

    It makes me angry, hostile and paranoid. I have Asperger's; it seems to be a lot better without soy and dairy.
  14. Broken record, aren't I? Found another wrap specifically labelled gluten-free. This one is the larger fajita-type tortillas, sold by 8-count and perfect for, you guessed it, fajitas. I found them rather delightful, though unfortunately they...