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  1. Also Aldi ground cumin, dammit. There are people who think that when Aldi changes one of its imaginary brand names, that means they also changed suppliers. I was never one of those people, before. But I think both of the ones reading "may contain milk, wheat, soy" are Stonemill Essentials rather...
  2. I get very little immediate effect when I ingest gluten. Usually a case of the trots about 5 in the morning, but little else. Better safe than sorry, I figure.
  3. I just found out that North American cinnamon isn't cinnamon. Don't know if they'll allow this link; if not, look up cassia on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinnamomum_aromaticum Now I want the Sri Lankan stuff!
  4. It must be a pretty new labeling (this year); I certainly checked the label before I started buying Aldi cinnamon, and as you say, it didn't say anything like this before.
  5. I didn't even look, having started trusting single-spice packages. I need to remember that that's only McCormick. Oh well. I'll be throwing out a third of a jar; this means of course that I ate two-thirds of it. Oops!
  6. 1-3 pm Saluda Shoals Park, Columbia SC Door prizes, food & fun for everyone! Further info call Rebekah 803-530-7234 http://www.centralsc...officelive.com/ or email centralscceliac@live.com
  7. I get a different kind of flushed face (just a feeling of heat) which I can't figure out either, but I've been reading up, and here are the results of that research. Don't be alarmed; I'm not suggesting that any or all of these apply to you. They're just possibilities. Niacin overdose (last paragraph...
  8. I tried to comment on things here,but error kept comming up?