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    I love my two labs, they are my babies. I also love to cook and I am glad I do, since I have to make all of my meals. I recently discovered that I enjoy painting with acrylics. In addition to this I like to walk, fish and ride my bike when the weather is good.
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    North Carolina

About Me

I am married to a Marine, no kids, but we have two dogs.  We recently moved to NC with the humidity and bugs, which is hard to get used to because I have lived most of my life in dry heat. 

I am in school working on my Associates in Arts Degree and I am not sure what my major is yet, since I am taking one step at a time. 

I love music, movies and TV shows such as The Walking Dead.  I love the Harry Potter series and LOTR. 

I was diagnosed with Celiac in February 2008 and I have been 100% gluten free since my dx.  However I have been glutened in the process, I was even glutened last night when I went out to eat.  This is why I don't eat out very often because I always take a chance when eating at an establishment.

Celiac is prevalent in my family, most of my immediate family members have celiac, however I am the only who chooses to eat gluten-free.  I suppose I don't like running to the bathroom 15 times a day and feel like I am dying because I am dehydrated and malnourished.  To each their own.



  1. I get sick every time I eat there. Even if the employee changes gloves and is careful with my food. I love the food since it is good but not worth it to me.
  2. Gemini and Irishheart. I did not respond to this post to stir up everyone
  3. I am glad I dont use this site for support anymore... Some come off as rude these days and not helpful.
  4. After reading all of the comments and being a member on this board for a few years I have a couple of comments for this post. 1. From my understanding Chopper was venting about their glutening and just wanted some support. This is a support group. 2. I understand why people reacted the way...
  5. Please see below email. Van Camp's Pork & Beans are fine to eat.... _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you...
  6. I eat Budding all the time and I too buy the little packs because they are perfect and have never had a problem =)
  7. Last night I made bean burgers, artichokes and lentils with rice. mmm bean burgers are so yummy, I try to do a veggie dish twice a week.
  8. I love Rice Works, the Salsa Fresca is by far the best! My dh and I eat mission chips, havent had a problem and pretty good with some hummus.
  9. When I was younger I used to see people in the night and even talk to them. I was dreaming though, but it seemed so real. I havent ever seen any bugs thank god since I am so scared of them lol. The spider issue has happened to my mom several times, she would wake up screaming and say she had seen...
  10. mmm the pumpkin pudding sounds really good. Can I use soy instead of the milk? I eat pumpkin in the morning for breakfast hehehe
  11. Thanks Gemini, I was thinking the same thing when I read svs response. These two people need support on a loss not a lecture about chewing. I recently stopped smoking and it took me years to come to terms with it. Like Gemini said, best thing to do is call the company. This is a very supportive...
  12. I never thought of looking on amazon, you have to buy in bulk but you save so much money. 1 bag of pamelas baking mix is almost $18.00 when you can get 3 for $36.00, amazing! I will buy in bulk just to save money lol. Plus it is an hour drive just to get to wholefoods and the place in a mad house...
  13. They should be safe except for the ones listed and the decorated ones. Be careful with ones that could have graham cracker, not sure if that is in your box. Maybe cut them open before you eat? No one ever gets me candy but I always buy the ones from the kids that sell the bars lol
  14. I made the choco cups listed above last Friday and they turned out soooo good! I used Earth Balance PB and the enjoy life choc chips, mmmm. They are very easy to make, only takes about 10 minutes for the first round of choco to freeze then about 1/2 for them to harden. I suggest taking them out...
  15. Welcome to the site Steve! =) hehe I would love to eat a real piece of cheesecake.....mmmmm. lol I always say that. I wont do it though, no gluten is worth it. If the doctor asked me to eat gluten for 3 months, I would be so sick. Last time it was only 3 months before I was dx'd and I dropped...