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    I love my two labs, they are my babies. I also love to cook and I am glad I do, since I have to make all of my meals. I recently discovered that I enjoy painting with acrylics. In addition to this I like to walk, fish and ride my bike when the weather is good.
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  1. I get sick every time I eat there. Even if the employee changes gloves and is careful with my food. I love the food...
  2. msmini14

    Glutened By Vapors

    Gemini and Irishheart. I did not respond to this post to stir up everyone
  3. msmini14

    Glutened By Vapors

    I am glad I dont use this site for support anymore... Some come off as rude these days and not helpful.
  4. msmini14

    Glutened By Vapors

    After reading all of the comments and being a member on this board for a few years I have a couple of comments for this...
  5. Unbelievable! Some compaines think we are stupid enough to believe this. I bought rice pudding about 4 years ago and...
  6. I used to watch Dr. Oz until I realized how everything in the world is good one day and then bad the next or how many...
  7. msmini14

    Help With Canned Beans!

    Please see below email. Van Camp's Pork & Beans are fine to eat.... __________________________________________...
  8. msmini14

    Ideas For Salads?

    My hubby and I love salads and I guess I would call this a garbage disposal salad since I put everything in it. Black...
  9. msmini14

    Stopped Smoking

    I want to say congrats to all the people out there that have been able to kick this unhealthy habit. I finally stopped...
  10. msmini14

    Red Robin

    I am glad to hear you all have had a good experience =) I am happy RR offers buns but I probably wouldnt order my chicken...
  11. I eat Budding all the time and I too buy the little packs because they are perfect and have never had a problem =)
  12. msmini14

    Red Robin

    I agree with others on here because it all has to do with the store and management. I didnt eat there for a couple of...
  13. msmini14

    Find Any Strange New Things You Love Food Wise?

    I thought I wouldn't survive going gluten-free over 3 years ago. Now I see it as a blessing, I now have such a wide variety...
  14. Just had to say I just saw my first gluten free chex commercial. It was geared around kids but it was still cool. I have...
  15. msmini14

    How Often Do You Cheat?

    I went gluten-free in february 2008, I ate gluten on purpose march of 08 because I couldn't resist and I didn't understand...