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  1. Well thought out words, well seasoned with salt. Thank you very much! The presentation of the posters here to portray me as simply being wrong or reacting psychosomatically did NOT sit well with me. I emailed my question to six celiac centers and/or physicians. The response I'm receiving...
  2. Taking into consideration every angle I can think of over the last few months, this is quite difficult to reconcile.
  3. A typical reaction to gluten, I think, is shared by most celiacs. In short: flu-like sickness followed by complete emptying of GI tract followed by lethargy. Do the posters here believe that extreme reaction can be caused "psychosomatically"? I can assuredly vouch that my level of being gluten...
  4. I appreciate that. I'm just having a hard time accepting that I'm psycho.
  5. I would like to suggest that posters and readers alike consider the difference between vapors from boiling grains versus distillation. In a complete distillation process gluten proteins are completely removed as I'm sure most are well aware. However, when grains are boiling in water, gluten particles...
  6. Interesting how all of your strong opinions label my reactions as psychological. Actually, it's quite insulting. This brings back memories when some friends and family thought if I simply ate more gluten my body would get used to it because there's no such thing as celiac.
  7. Thank you all for your replies. I truly did not anticipate being sick from those incidents - I actually anticipated nothing at all - so it was not psychosomatic. It was several times of truly not being able to figure out why I had gotten ill that lead me to the proper conclusion. For those of...
  8. My husband took up a new hobby, brewing beer. After he made it two different times, the next day I got sick. (I'm always sick the next day when I'm glutened.) He didn't believe me when I blamed it on the boiling brew. I volunteered to help at the fire department for their chicken bbq, and I was...
  9. Sorry, just saw your question! I prepare most everything from scratch using gluten-free flours, like muffins and bread. There are a few gluten-free prepackaged items I buy, like Riceworks crackers and a couple other snacks. I avoid dairy except an occasional indulgence in a hard cheese. How do...
  10. Thank you all for your replies. If it turns out I don't have another AI disease causing it, I'll take comfort in knowing there are others with celiac and GP! Thank you!
  11. Hi Marz, I took the celiac diagnosis very seriously and I consider myself very strict, which I why I'm puzzled why the GP is worsening. And maybe it's another AI underlying it. Thank you for your reply.
  12. Maybe I got my answer by no one replying. Maybe celiac and gastroparesis aren't really connected. And maybe celiac and a positive ANA aren't connected either. It seems we're looking at a connective tissue disease.
  13. Hello, After discovering celiac with an upper endoscopy (it was a silent disease for me), at the same time they discovered antral gastritis and gastroparesis. The gastroparesis continues to worsen even though I've been gluten free since August. Gastritis remains the same. I now have a positive...