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  1. I currently take Vit. B12 in a tablet form. Its a slow release tablet. I understand that the body absorbs the sublingual form better than a pill. Could anyone point me to a gluten-free sublingual B12? Thanks.
  2. Since this is pretty new, I called McNeil this A.M. to verify. The woman told me that this product is not on the gluten-free list. I bought it, thinking it would be ok, as the Extra Strength Caplets I normally use are gluten-free. Glad I called first.
  3. Hi Bartfull, just popped over to say I wish you peace. I remember you as such a positive presence on this board.
  4. I've been gluten free for 10 years, and have never come across a turkey that had gluten. *Of course, a pre stuffed turkey or a gravy packet non withstanding.* By law, any wheat ingredients (self basting turkeys for example) would have to be listed on the label. I already have my Butterball in the freezer.
  5. Carrageenan is used as a thickener, to enhance texture, it's not a probiotic. If it's in a product, it will be listed as such on the ingredient list.
  6. Hi, I noticed that you use almond milk, and thought I'd pass along something that I learned while doing a dairy free trial a while back and subbed almond milk for dairy in my daily tea. A lot of commercial almond milks contain carrigeenan, which can cause pretty severe intestinal irritation in some people. It's *not* a gluten issue, but it's something to consider if you're trying to figure out what's bothering you. At any rate, I hope you get to the source of your discomfort:)
  7. jerseyangel

    Ruby Tuesdays

    Just an FYI that I thought might be helpful to some here. Recently, I was at my local Ruby Tuesdays, where I've always felt perfectly safe ordering off the gluten free menu. I simply mention to the waiter that I'm gluten free, and I've never had a problem there. This time, shortly after ordering, the manager came over, introduced himself and told me that as of the first of the year (2015) Ruby Tuesday has stepped up their gluten free protocol nationwide. They now have separate utensils and prep areas, and they not only clean a portion of the grill before our food is placed on it-- they use foil under our food. Gluten free orders are carried out from the kitchen separately to further avoid cross contamination. It's so nice to hear of companies who really seem to care and I wanted to pass the word
  8. jerseyangel

    Ruby Tuesdays

    Yes! He told me about this also
  9. Truly one of a kind:). I came across her name recently in my address book while looking for someone else. Made me smile.
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    Both the name brand and generic Lexapro are gluten free.
  11. jerseyangel

    Gluten "phree" Philadelphia

    Hi, and welcome to the board:) I live in South Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia. There is a nice little dedicated gluten free bakery on S 9th St, in the Italian Market called Taffets. They have excellent breads, rolls, biscotti and they do cakes to order. In the general area, check out Red Robbin, Outback Steakhouse, PF Changs, Elevation Burger, and Zinburger. Not sure of the locations that would be nearest to you, but I have had good luck with any that I've been to-- of course, and as always, let the server know of your needs before ordering.
  12. I love it too. My cravings have absolutely disappeared, and there are times I have to remind myself to eat. Tracking my carbs has led to my tracking calories for the first time in my life, and it was a real eye opener to realize I was putting away 2600 or more calories a day before, including around 200 grams of carbs. My present calorie goal daily is 1500, but most days I add in healthy fats to reach at least 1200. 25-35 grams of carbs seems to be what's right for me.
  13. Yes! I found adding more sea salt helped considerably.
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    Just bought some yesterday at Wegman's. yum-o!
  15. I understand. Read up on it and how the body actually uses the various fuels we put into it and do what feels right for you.
  16. Hi nvsmom, how are you doing? I did buy a bottle of Keto sticks because I was curious. I consistently show positive, but I realize that means that I'm burning fat for fuel--but it could be either stored or dietary-- or a mixture of both. I read "How I Gave Up My Low Fat Diet and Lost 40 Pounds" by Dana Carpender, and enjoyed the quick and easy to understand read. She also has a website called "Hold the Toast" which has resources but isn't the greatest. I use My Fitness Pal also but just to plug foods in to get a general idea of the fat/ protein/carbs I'm eating. I don't follow a specific plan, just try to stay in my parameters. Interesting thing-- we went out with friends Monday night and I planned to have a glass of wine. The 3 carbs were included in my total for the day, but sure enough, when I got home the stick showed negative. By the next morning, I was back in the positive range for ketosis. I had read that alcohol does not stop Ketosis, but postpones it-- and my test bore that out. Evidently, the body will burn alcohol for fuel first, before resuming with the fat or carbs, which ever is available. One tip, do drink plenty of water!
  17. nvsmom, I am doing Keto. My daily carbs top out right around 30 grams, give or take a very few. I personally find this level comfortable. I started this way of eating on a Friday, and had some lightheadedness that first weekend. I expected it, and just took it easy. My appetite adjusted quickly, thank goodness. I would say my adjustment period (switching from burning sugar to burning fat) took about a week. The lightheadedness and tiredness went away near the end of that first week, and I felt a lot better, in the ways I explained above. On a typical day, my fat intake is around 85 grams, protein--70 grams and carbs--28-32 grams. I stay at 1500 calories or a bit under. One of the most noticeable things I've discovered after the appetite saity, is that I never feel those hypoglycemic type symptoms you mentioned between meals. When I ate the starches, I most definitely had them. Best of luck with it, I'd be happy to trade notes with you anytime
  18. I'm on one now. I am doing this with the expectation that I can make it a lifestyle instead of a "diet". The number one reason is that I have severely high blood pressure that despite two meds is uncontrolled. Five days eating no more than thirty grams of non starchy carbs a day and it was 117/76. At my last doctor visit, it was 160/100. It has been known to go as high as 200/100. I welcome the weight loss, definitely, but I believe this way of eating is most compatible with my body. I have no hunger or cravings between meals, am calmer, clearer and have more energy.
  19. jerseyangel

    Jaw Pain?

    Yes, I used to get that a lot before I was diagnosed. I had cardiac testing (Holter Monitor and Stress Echo) which was normal. Later, when I had my endoscopy, the doctor found a hiatal hernia. My gas/reflux is much better now, but from time to time will resurface.