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  1. Hi, I would like to know how long after eating “forbidden” food do you experience acid reflux. Is there any difference between gerd and intolerance in time leap between eating and experiencing reflux? If I eat tomato and bread for example and get heartburn 5-10 hours later - is it more probable that I got it because of gerd related reflux caused by tomato or I should assume that this is because of gluten intolerance. Thank you, Aya
  2. the problem is that i am on gerd diet, and abide all suggested instructions for gerd but ppi doesn’t work in my case. Not even double daily dose. and doctors suspect that I could have intolerance.
  3. Cyclinglady, thank you for your response. I tried everything that could be connected to LES. I am very thin, sleeping on elevated bed, with 3 pillows, eating only permitted food, no alcohol... But daily dose of lansoprazol isn’t enough... it lasts only 12 hours. As I have many signs of celiac disease or intolerance to gluten, I though that this could be the reason. Is it possible that the LES that isn’t working properly is connected also to celiac disease? thank you!!!
  4. How long after starting gluten free diet did you need to get rid of heartburn. Today it’s my 7th day without gluten, but the heartburn stays the same. Am I too impatient or this diet isn’t right for me? How long did it take in your case? Please share with me your experience, since I don’t know what to expect. Do I need more patience or do I have to test any other thing? I read that people boticed difference after few days and I don’t, so this is so discouraging ? I don’t eat tomato, spicy etc. So there can’t be any issue with classical triggers. I don’t drink coffee dont smoke don’t drink alcohol. I don’t overeat, don’t go to sleep 3 hours after dinner... I am just below the limit line of celiac iga test, I have low vitamin d, low ferritin, low transferin, low calcium. I have normal b12. I have problem with LES too, did anyone had the same issue and has solved it with celiac diet? Please help me!!!
  5. Dear Cyclinglady, thank you for your help. Yes, I am trying to find out what my underlying condition is. But the doctors don’t help at all (insurance can’t be an issu since I have ful insurance). But they closed my case with the diagnosis: nonfunctional LES with constant taking of ppis for a lifetime. But ppis are making my problems even bigger so I trying to fing out what is happening. I’ve been convincing them to test me for celiac disease and because the result was negative (only IGA testing) they ruled it out. All I have is low vitamin d, low iron, same problems as before taking ppis, nausea with ppis, still bloating with gases and burping. Ppi works only 12 hours - the biggest dose. After 12 hours burping brings more acid to my esophagus. All that doctors say is that ppis should work and don’t believe me that in my case ppis are working just half of the time. I tried to take half dose in the morning and half in the evening but half dose helps only for 6 hours. So their suggestion is: take more ppis and another medicine for motility. and case closed for them letting me desperate and completely lost. Any help appreciated, Aya
  6. Posterboy, thank you sooooo much. I can’t tell you how greatful I am for your long and detailed answer. I have many additional questions (I asked you few more additional questions in my other post about celiac and reflux) I am just trying to find my underlying condition. I am afraid I’ll have to stay with ppi for two additional months, since I have esophagitis grade b, confirmed with biopsy a week ago. It was first time that I have inflamed esophagus. Last endoscopies showed only nonfunctional LES. I think this inflamarion is because od a panic attack after drinking coffee with a lot of sugar and nausea after that. Some coffees make me sick and some don’t. I would just like to find out what relaxes my LES and what is my underlying condition. Ppis obviously don’t help, since my problema with bloating and gases and reflux are continuing. Stomach hurts when is empty. And I have huge amount of gases 1 hour after eating and during the night 4-6 hours after last meal. Please if you have any additional idea what could it be, tell me!!! Best, aya
  7. Thank you all for your help!!! It’s a bit clearer now. I had problems with gases and bloating and reflux a year ago and doc prescribed Lansoprazol. He said my lower esophageal sphiincter doesn’ t work properly. I was taking lansoprazol 30mg for half a year with huge problems with nausea and even more bloating. Than I lowered the dose to 15 for next half a year and felt better and than stopped taking them. I’ve been off for a months when I started noticing numb tongue and reflux again. So I started taking ppi again. And it’s worse again. I know I have to stop using ppi, but I think I have underlying condition that is making my bloating and reflux and I have to solve it first so that reflux, which is my biggest concern, will go away. I have been anemic long years before taking ppi, now I have low vitamin d, and quite high result IGA 16 (celiac is >20). Can be reason for low vitamin d in ppi too or is more likely because of celiac? Doctors don’t want to make any additional test because they say celiac disease can’t be the reason since this test is negative. And so I am still searching what could be my primary problem. They just want to operate my LES and that’s it for them. But I know this won’t solve my problem since the reason has to be somewhere else. The problem is that the highest dose of lansoprazole is helping me for 12 hours and not 24 like it should. It’s just making my nausea worse and doesn’t help like it should I get bloated with reflux gases, burping 1 hour after eating. My last meal of the day is at 8 p.m. And the worst reflux attac is usually around midnight and 1 a.m. Aya
  8. Hi, how fast after starting with gluten free diet did you notice any improvement with heartburn or reflux? I am 4th day of diet and reflux seams to be worse than earlier. So I am a bit concerned. Please, help!!! Aya
  9. Thank you!!! I am trying to convince my doctor to make genetic test too, but he is telling me that it would make no sense, since blood test was negative. Yes, I have low iron and ferritina with no reason for years now and nobody seems to bother. I had iron low long before I started taking ppi, so can’t blame ppi for this. Best, Aya
  10. Thank you so much for your answer. Yes, he did endoscopy last year and this year. Last year everything was fine except LES, this year it was again nonfunctional LES and esophagitis grade B. Stomach and duodenum are fine. I am not sure if he took also biopsy. I was trying to convince him to take it, but not sure if he did. I have appointment in two weeks and will see than. Blood test was IGA for antibodies gliadina which is positive if is 20 or more. Mine was 16,08. What should I do? Should this be enough to make further research?
  11. I am almost completely lost in my symptoms and tests. Do you think these symptoms are enougt to say that I am celiac? I have the same weight since I was 16 yo, now I am 45 and I have 47 kg - I can’t gain or lose weight. I have huge problems for last one year and half with reflux which is my primary symptom. Heartburn actually with numb tongue and burning mouth. My GI doc say that all my problems are caused by LES (lower esophageal sphincter) not working proprely and that I have bad motility and dyspepsia. I am taking lansoprazol for a year now, but the daily dose helps me just through half od a day. And I can’t eat “forbidden” food when I am on them. And I feel awful nausea when I take lansoprazol. Blood test for IGA was 16,4. For celiac disease it should be over 20. That’s why my doc said that we won’t do any other test, because this one is negative. Bur I am always bloated, with gases, belching, pain in stomach and lower abdomen, usually one hour after eating. Also have pain just under upper right ribs. Always constipated and nauseous. Fatigue is worse after I eat something with flour and sugar. But I can eat without any problem meat, potatoes, lettuce, beans, lentil... I have reflux usually after eating peppers, tomato, black pepper, chocolate, but lately I can’t eat nothing. I get reflux from nothing. I had extreme reaction to coffe with sugar one months ago and since than I can’t get rid off reflux. I also have undigested food in stool lately too. VItamin D level is 16. Iron in blood is lower each month. Bile is a bit high. All other stuff is normal. I am waiting for magnesium, calcium and vitamin b 12 levels. is it possible that I have celiac disease? I am on diet last 3 days and I have noticed that gases and burping are getting better, I am not bloated so much anymore, but reflux still persists. If this is celiac disease, how long I can expect till I will notice some improvement? Did anyone had same problems with reflux and how dis you solve it. I would appreciate it a lot!!! Best, Aya
  12. Tigercat17, I would appreciate if you could tell us how you are going? I am in a quite same position, desperately searching what could be the reason for my reflux. So I would love to know what was causing tour reflux and how did you solve it. Thank you, Aya