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  1. I think I am an old chickie that has seen and read a lot of health info BUT this video of the tonsil stone shocked me. I had never even heard of a tonsil stone before! Thanks for that one....gag
  2. Do you use a particular brand of toothpaste? I have never purchased a brand looking for gluten-free.
  3. I searched lymphoma and up you popped:) How are you doing? I am going to get my nodes checked on Thursday.

  4. Thanks for bringing this topic up. I never even thought to ask about this when I had a CT scan a few months ago. I'll be sure to check on any products the labs use with me from now on. Thanks again.
  5. I was very overweight, a little less so these days. I was diagnosed in December of 08 and began eating EVERYTHING that said gluten free. And no I didn't lose weight and even gained some from all the crazy food I ate while remaining gluten free. In February I started cutting out processed foods, basically no flour or sugar, that worked. I'm losing weight and I can eat dairy for the first time in years. I thought I couldn't have Celiac because I was fat but thank goodness I had a great doctor who just kept investigating why I had constant diarrhea for 30 years. I feel better now than I ha
  6. That is interesting because that is when mine started too about 3 weeks in. I have been eating bananas and nothing else and it seems to have let up some today. The detoxing makes sense since I can't pin it on much else. I did go back and check some foods and found casein and whey that I let get by me before I read about getting off dairy completely. Tomorrow is the first day that I won't be at home to eat. I am going to a conference that the lunch is served to us. I am taking a few safe snacks (bananas!) in case I don't see anything I feel really safe eating. Then on Monday we are tr
  7. Thanks for all your replies. I appreciate the help and will try all your suggestions. I will get back to a journal like I did the first few weeks. I checked all my suppliments for gluten and all are gluten free. I was wondering about the detoxing also. Thanks.
  8. Nausea was not one of my symptoms before going gluten-free. Now it seems every day I'm having bouts of this miserable nausea. (not pregnant, too old and fixed many years ago) I must be eating something that is causing it but good golly I'm sick of this. I track everything I put in my mouth to see if I can pinpoint what is causing it. I have only be gluten-free since the first week of December so it is all still new to me. I felt great for a couple weeks now I'm sick as a dog most of the time. I have now eliminated dairy & of course gluten but something is CC or it's something else li
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