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  1. All those pillsbury products are off our shelves in N. FL too. I liked them. I wonder why. I will go check their web page.
  2. Thisismyusername I didn't mean to butt in on your post but I am very grateful for the licorice flavor jelly bean ideas and I do hope you start feeling better soon. Thanks everyone.
  3. I just had a CT Monday and HIDA scan Friday for vomiting, diarrhea and pain? No results yet from HIDA. Has not put me in the ER but definitely miserable. I am 67 yrs old. Hope you get some results soon.
  4. I have seen rice pilaf on a menu but never eaten it. Just curious what is in it? Thanks for the info about delayed reactions. My most recent toilet and trash can visit may have been exactly that but I didn't think about that.
  5. Oh nvsmom I am jumping with joy that you said black jelly beans are safe! I wonder about Good and Plentys?
  6. I have heard that some people have silent celiac. Not in my case. The Peter Green book is very informative. That is the first place I read about lymphoma associated with celiac. I have had 2 forms of lymphoma treated with chemo and radiation. I did great in 2008 until 2010 after my first cancer and I went on a pity party with food! There isn't a pill for my kind of stupid. Again in 2011 cancer hit, worse. I struggled with staying gluten-free for long periods until last year when the most severe pain began every time I had gluten. I guess my body's reaction has increased over the years. Anyway pain is my motivator. Radiation damaged my biliary duct and gallbladder and because of that dairy makes me severely ill. All this and more can be avoided if you avoid gluten completely. It is so worth it.
  7. Good luck Kwalsh. It isn't easy living with a non supportive partner. Only you get sick when you eat gluten so he doesn't get it obviously. My DH is supportive and sometimes asks me if I want xy or z unsafe food. I have a history of being on again, off again since 2008 so he just asks. I am fortunate and I mean this that I have progressed to extreme pain for days when I have been accidentally glutened in the last year. Pain is a great motivator. Hope this works out so you can avoid some of the terrible side effects of gluten in your diet.
  8. After a year of gluten-free I began having strong reactions to dairy out of the blue. Turns out my gallbladder is acting up and may have to come out soon. The doc said sudden onset of dairy reaction is common when the gallbladder goes bad. The D is awful when I have any dairy. Hope you can figure out what is triggering your responses this long after being gluten-free.
  9. If it is the mixed variety might it include licorice favors too? Isn't the licorice flavor unsafe?
  10. Thanks so much Raven and Cycling. Raven, The D does calm down with the immodium but returns the next day. I am seeing my doc tomorrow and will talk to her about it. Cycling I have just assumed it was allergies. Thanks and I will mention that to my doc too. I only suffered with this mucus in the bowel before I was diagnosed with celiac. Hopefully the doc will have a recommendation. The surgeon that found celiac is out of town but he is my intestinal guru. I'll call him next week if it is still acting up. Thanks again for taking the time to answer. Take care.
  11. Four weeks ago I started with allergies that brought on a small wet cough, sinus drainage then the big bomb hit. My bowel has been torn up with all the mucus. Using over the counter Musinex and it has helped sinus and cough but nothing seems to calm down the bowel. I take Immodium and drink lots of water to no avail. I am gluten-free and very careful. Boy oh boy I am so miserable. I welcome any suggestions. Thanks.
  12. I am so happy for you. It is wonderful to see someone improving. When I went gluten-free I began to lose the weight and feel so much better too.
  13. Murphy it is hard and anyone who says it isn't obviously doesn't have celiac disease. I hope some of these issues will get better and that you will stay gluten-free for your own health. It can be an isolating disease until the pieces fall into place. Unload here like bartfull said. We have been there and done that.
  14. Colleen my dance with C pales in comparison with your on going fight. It is hard to keep that smile going at times. Glad you are going on vacation and hope you have a blast even if it is a slow stroll. Thanks everyone for your kind words. All of you have to keep putting one foot in front of the other to get to the other side when dealing with celiac and all is baggage.
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