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  1. cap6

    Cleaning Products

    I use Simple Green but honestly, I do not know of a product that does have gluten. You're pretty safe in this area!
  2. cap6

    Eating gluten with celiac?

    It sounds like you have made your decision and all I can do is wish you luck. You already have multiple autoimmune diseases...
  3. Of course!. Just don't cheat.
  4. We used to eat at our local Road house and they had a gluten free menu. That, however, was about four years ago. They...
  5. The purpose of this little story is to give you all a smile and to say gluten lurks everywhere, even where we least expect...
  6. When I was flying and visiting my Dad, I was faced with a shared kitchen situation. Dad was a gluten lover so his kitchen...
  7. cap6

    Gluten Free In Hawaii

    This was an older posting so most have probably moved on - but alm260 may be back. Hawaii is an easy place to be gluten...
  8. At Disneyland I found even the "fast food" places to have gluten-free options. They were awesome!
  9. In the beginning it is difficult and many people don't get it. I give a quick, brief explanation and then let it go...
  10. I agree - not all food with a warning label "made in facility...etc" are bad. It could be the veggie itself. Some people...
  11. cap6


    kissing, if he/she ate gluten first then yes. Other areas - no.
  12. Foreign Lady ~ Easy does it. We can all run on a short fuse when stressed and I expect that with a new food prep issue...
  13. Gluten withdrawal is very real. The length of time varies from person to person. How long were you sick, how severe...
  14. Have your iron levels been checked.