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  1. Bookgirl32

    Small fiber neuropathy

    I just experienced this the past two days in my face, on my cheek. It was numb, it just felt like it was sunburnt. I knew it had to be nerve related. We did just travel and I can't figure out if I was glutened (I was very careful, but did...
  2. Bookgirl32

    Des Moines Iowa

    Just came from the area after driving through from Indiana. The bakery is Sweet Rewards Gluten Free Bakery. It was good! Not far off of I80 in a suburb called Waukee. We didn't need to stop anywhere else at that point but Find Me app had...
  3. Does anyone know of gluten free insect repellants? I know many of the natural brands don't have gluten but we are going to Colorado and I like to have the heavy duty stuff for that.
  4. Bookgirl32

    Symptoms questions about being glutened

    I can cut out the RX bars. But the eating out, we are leaving for vacation in a month, and we have days in the summer where between work and kids activities we aren't home until 9/10pm at night. Are you suggesting staying home because of...
  5. Bookgirl32

    Symptoms questions about being glutened

    Also, I'm taking Enzymedica GlutenEase (not to "make it safe" for me to eat gluten, I've researched it and realized it doesn't work like that, I just figured there would be a pretty good chance of there being no gluten in those). I'm on...
  6. Bookgirl32

    Symptoms questions about being glutened

    Do you just eat more meat than a normal diet? If I just eat the amount of meat I'm used to eating it would only be about 800-900 calories a day. Or does that tend to be enough?
  7. Bookgirl32

    Symptoms questions about being glutened

    I'm confused at this point. I think because I've looked up SIBO and what to eat on that diet, I've got Paleo in my head, and low Fodmap/fructose. I feel like I can eat boiled chicken LOL. What should I do first? Tackle cutting out fructose...
  8. Have been gluten free for a month tomorrow, but also all grain, dairy, legumes and sugar free as well. I didn't have pronounced symptoms before. What I've been noticing this past month is the bloating. After eating anything. I know I'm not...
  9. That’s a good idea too. It’s hard to rethink the way you prepare food for kids.
  10. Those are great idea for summer lunches! I just have to figure out how to translate some of that into a lunch box. I did read about baking flatbreads with green banana flour, have you ever tried that? The Julian Bakery bread was not a hit...
  11. My son has been diagnosed with celiac as well and while my husband and I have gone grain free, it's not nearly as easy to do that with an 11 year old boy. I have to use bread for him, at least at this point. I've found one Katz brand sandwich...
  12. Bookgirl32

    Biopsy Results

    41. But I love it when people think I’m younger, even online lol! Thank you for the pep talk. I am really prepared to do this right, I think it just felt like it was another surprise.
  13. Second post this week, sorry. I got called with biopsy results. She didn't say the stage, just said that the villi are completely blunted every sample they took. She said it's one of the more severe ones she has seen in a while. She also...
  14. I also get migraines from red wine. Are white cooking wines ok with paleo? Also does cooking seem to remove the effects of the red wine? I don’t know if it’s sulfites that give me the headache or something else.
  15. That's a great idea! I also haven't completely restocked utensils and stuff, so for example tonight cooked gluten free but had to use my old pots and pans. But I got into my endoscopy on a cancellation, and it hadn't happened I'd be waiting...