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  1. Well, I did have an endoscopy 1yr after being gluten-free because I couldn't tolerate gluten at all (still can't - makes me extremely sick). I didn't hear back about the results so I assume they didn't show anything. I'm a million times better gluten free. As I said, I can't even tolerate it in small...
  2. Hey everyone! I've been gluten free for 5 years after getting a very positive Deamidated Gliadin IgG (66.7). Long story short, I only recently started getting follow-up support for my Celiac because the first gastro I saw was very unhelpful. For the first time in 5y, I took the blood test again,...
  3. Hey! This is interesting. So, you have these reactions from your medications not being entirely gluten-free? Or, are you saying you take these medications to help control these symptoms?
  4. Yup, had a high antibody. The gastro who was working with me (very rude, ignorant guy) tested a second time two months after I first went off gluten. The antibodies went down a little, but he said they should have gone down a lot more if I was truly Celiac. He then told me I have IBS and gave me...
  5. The Fasano is a good idea. It's a new thing to try. I did keep a copy of my blood test, but it doesn't seem to carry a lot of weight for medical professionals (even though it was really high?). Question about SIBO - Is that a scientific thing? I asked my Dr yesterday about the possibility...
  6. Good to know about the family history thing. So, this too is complicated. Because I wasn't willing to do the gluten challenge, the gatro I was seeing (who I now think is pretty unknowledgeable about celiac) gave me one other option for diagnosis. We re-tested after a month of a gluten-free diet...
  7. Yup, tried that already this summer. Didn't reveal anything.
  8. Yup! I had that for a few months a few years ago. It was very strange. Painless, uncontrollable, and sometimes pretty violent twitching! Really bothers me that we have no idea what it is. These are not to be confused with intestinal spasms that ARE super painful. I got those a few months ago...
  9. Interesting! I get pain frequently on either the left or right side when I'm having general digestive issues. However, I get a distinct burning pain in my lower left side when I'm glutened.
  10. Hey! I'm also from Ontario So, I don't know if smelly gas is related so much to Celiac or just gut issues in general. But I can say I very much have this problem. When it happens, I isolate myself in my room. I can end up passing gas every 5min for 8h or so (throughout the night often). It...
  11. Hey guys, Been crying for a couple hours after a discouraging Dr appointment and need some encouragement. I've been gluten-free for 5 years. I made the big mistake of going gluten-free before getting fully tested. Despite having most of the classic celiac symptoms and a very positive blood test...
  12. Hey there, I call it "having the cereals"... when my stomach has been sick (likely from gluten issues), I can't stomach anything but dry gluten-free cereal and smoothies. Sometimes for days. It can take a long time to feel normal again!
  13. Hi there, This won't be helpful in terms of your questions... but I'm disappointed on behalf of your family that your naturopath didn't suggest Celiac testing before having your daughter go gluten-free. Especially since you found a link between gluten and her pain?
  14. Hi Chris, Have you been tested for Celiac?
  15. Hi there, Have you noticed severe reactions to gluten after eating it? If not, I would encourage you to do a gluten-challenge and get tested. If you are symptomatic, the reactions will often get worse the longer you avoid gluten, and it will become more difficult to ever do the tests. The benefit...