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  1. Hi Ladies!! I'm looking for a good Gluten Free Prenatal Vitamin! With extra folic acid...
  2. Welcome! DFW is great city to live in and be Gluten Free!! It gets better!!
  3. Hi Ladies!! I need your help!! I saw a post from a couple years ago about cosmetics, with...
  4. I saw the show! Hilarious!! And I thought it was interesting that Will had a pent allergy
  5. Well dr. Bruce is a pediatrician in Arlington off Davis and fielder Dr. Mills is a...
  6. Thank you so much!!! You guys are the BEST!!!!
  7. OK so I'm not trying to get in a arguement about corn. But on my news feed someone made...
  8. OK Great advice! Thank you so much!! We can do this!!!
  9. Hi! Thank you so much in advance! Here's part of my story! Always been very thin and tall...
  10. Do is anyone know if One a Day Womens Vitamin is gluten free? I'm so sick of looking up...
  11. You have just confirmed my thoughts! Again thank you! Add smiley faces here
  12. I like seeing your positive attitude! I feel ya, I'm 33 but feel much older
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