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  1. butterfl8

    I'm Terrified Of This Dx... :(

    As miserable as you have felt, you will feel that much better, and more. I was also extremely fatigued, but it came on so gradually I didn't even consider it a problem. I also got hit with the 'high cholesterol' business. I was thankful...
  2. butterfl8

    When Was Your Celiac Triggered?

    I can combine the long term symptoms and the trigger! My trigger was some virus that attacked the abdominal lymph nodes. A twisting, pulling pain at various spots on my stomach. After a week, not only did I not get better, but the pain...
  3. butterfl8

    Drinking Alcohol

    Luksusowa is a good potato vodka.
  4. http://www.rudisglutenfree.com/gluten-free-bread/products/ I only have the bread, that's all I can get here, and I've never had a problem. I know that they do have wheat products as well, could that be what you got? The link is for the...
  5. butterfl8

    Just So Tired Of It All

    Does it absolutely SUCK that you have to take your own food everywhere, and explain why? YES. A thousand times YES. But it is also your choice to restrict your participation, and thereby, your kid's involvement, due to food. My husband...
  6. butterfl8

    Going To Try Giving Up Lactose, Too

    I've really enjoyed Carol Fenster's cookbooks. I have "1000 gluten-free," and there are MANY MANY MANY selections in there without dairy, and vegetarian entries are noted as well. I believe that every recipe has dairy free alternatives...
  7. So I was dxed Celiac in July '09. This last fall I had my GB removed. By the time I got in for the HIDA scan, I was only eating rice, vegetables, fruit and NO fat dairy. SUCH A BAD IDEA, but hey, it was the only way I could get through...
  8. I so understand what you're saying. My mom, sister and I all have Celiac, but my sister doesn't get reactions like I do, and is not careful at all. So her in-laws can cook 'safely' for her level of sensitivity, but for me? I don't eat...
  9. butterfl8

    Revlon Makeup?

    I think it's about 24 dollars--but it lasts FOREVER!!! Well worth it. You would want the fair--I'm a paleface too, so I understand the "just give me the lightest shade you have" routine. I bought a new tub of foundation about 6 weeks...
  10. butterfl8

    Are We There Yet?

    I know sometimes with depression it's hard to get out of the pit. Here are some of our more hopeful stories. Your story is amazing. All of that trama, stress, and pain, but now you have a way to feel better! I'm not trying to trivialize...
  11. butterfl8

    Hida Scan Results

    If you go gluten free before getting tested for celiac, the results will be inaccurate. Celiac testing shows the effect gluten has on the body, if you're not eating gluten... That said, it is possible to have gallbladder problems that...
  12. I was dx'd celiac 2.5 years ago, and the first two winters were pretty bad. When the temp was above 45(F), no problems, but once it hit 45 and below, I'd have lovely white fingers. That is, if you consider 'corpse white' lovely. This...
  13. Your bird dog looks so soft and fluffy...my god if it was real...it would be a riot to watch it eat!!! LOL ...I want one..!!! LOL!

  14. butterfl8

    New To The Gluten Free World

    I was miserable by the time I was diagnosed. Like you, I had long-term issues that were under control and didn't bother me, then it all went to heck. Starting out on the diet is horrid, and I'm thankful I don't have to go through that...
  15. That sounds like gallbladder evil-ness to me. Do you get other symptoms from gluten? Fatigue, muscle aches? Did you have those symptoms this time? After 2 years gluten free, my gallbladder (all of a sudden) went out of control pain-wise...