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  1. Doctors (and the medical tests they use) don't know everything. It was just a very short 60 years ago that the polio vaccine was developed. Heck, bloodletting was still in use...
  2. FYI...dietary cholesterol--eating meat and eggs--has nothing to do with serum cholesterol levels.
  3. (Love your kitty! Mine sits like that on the exercise bike!)
  4. I hear this type of thing all the time from my mom...I've read some good analogies on this forum but can't remember them this morning. Fellow Celiacs and Gluten-Intolerants...what...
  5. Just so you're aware...there is a big difference between losing weight on the scale and actually losing fat. It is physically impossible to lose 5 pounds of fat in 4 days. Whenever...
  6. I've been gluten-free--essentially with a few potential CC incidents--for almost 5 weeks. The first 10 days or so I felt better--overall, but this past week has been awful; heart...
  7. I think I've seen Mark's Daily Apple referenced here once or twice. It's a website that focuses on paleo style food which is truly just real food with emphasis on eating grass...
  8. The thing is, I think I did get sick. I felt nauseous most of the weekend and a little feverish--also I very cranky and mentally dull. I thought it was the flu but now wonder...
  9. I was at my brother's for Christmas weekend and his well-meaning wife told me that Bugles corn chips were gluten-free. As her father has been gluten-free for over a decade and...
  10. Thank-you! That is what I thought but just wasn't sure!
  11. Question: If someone is not celiac, or gluten-sensitive or intolerant, and goes off of gluten for a month and then eats gluten and has a reaction, is that indicative of some...
  12. Funny! I'm an alcoholic and my sister asked me if I quit drinking completely?! Like I could have one small glass and be fine!
  13. Sorry it took me so long to find this. This is the article that links high calcium to celiac:

    High Parathyroid Hormone Levels in Patients with Intestinal Absorption Problems, Such as:

    Gastric Bypass Surgery, and Celiac Sprue, and Crohn's Disease.

    There is a growing group of patients who have dramatic life-long problems absorbing calcium in their diet. These patients are...

  14. I was hoping this thread was truly about a good friend! So often we have to put up with friends and family that just don't 'get it' and some that won't even try. I too have...
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