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    My husband and my kids and getting healthy. Web designing, reading, music.

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I'm a web designer from home and mom to 3 awesome young boys.

  1. Making "fried" chicken using potato flakes... I hope this works!

    1. MsCurious


      Did it work? :) How are you doing? Haven't heard from you for a while.

    2. NancyL


      The fried chicken in potato flakes is REALLY yummy. The whole family likes it. I've been a mess.. not gluten-wise but I had to have a hysterectomy and appendectomy in April. then in May I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Had a double mastectomy done in June. Things are finally getting a little better. Sorry that I've been absent. Is all ok with you?

  2. gluten Free - began 02/11/2011