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    My husband and my kids and getting healthy. Web designing, reading, music.
  1. NancyL

    Eating Too Well

    Sorry for my slow response, I've been M.I.A. I make miga's for breakfast (scrambled eggs with tortilla strips, hash...
  2. NancyL

    Glutened At Chili's?

    Wow! Thank you for your story Trish Trish! Why would someone go gluten free if they didn't need to? A FAD?!? Wow...
  3. LOL, we're in synch. I hope you enjoyed your pizza and that you're not feeling too bad today. I have a headache myself...
  4. I resisted the cookies.. lol I ended up snacking on some of my gluten-free cookies last night. It made me laugh to...
  5. Well, I ate the pizza and NO stomach pain (and yes, it was very tasty but I liked the gluten-free pizza from our local...
  6. OOOOHhhhhhh CAKE!! COOOKIES!! I hadn't thought of THAT! LOL Yes! I know I'll be sick tomorrow.... and I know I...
  7. I went to the OB today about my stomach pains, she was the last step in Dr's interested in if their specialty could be...
  8. This product is a gluten free lip balm And a gluten-free Shampoo I think a lot of their products are gluten-free
  9. HUGS! I know what you mean about just jumping in and trying it though. We have to listen to our bodies, if our bodies...
  10. HOLY MOLY! I could have written this! Except no ADHD. I've had every procedure done that could be thought of for my...
  11. Making "fried" chicken using potato flakes... I hope this works!

    1. MsCurious


      Did it work? :) How are you doing? Haven't heard from you for a while.

    2. NancyL


      The fried chicken in potato flakes is REALLY yummy. The whole family likes it. I've been a mess.. not gluten-wise but I had to have a hysterectomy and appendectomy in April. then in May I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Had a double mastectomy done in June. Things are finally getting a little better. Sorry that I've been absent. Is all ok with you?

  12. I still don't always know. I've surrounded myself with snacks and staples that I'm sure of and then everything else...
  13. Hey Ms.Curious! I've been MIA because my 3 yo had pneumonia (AGAIN! 2 times since Jan 30th!) and my oldest son got suspended...
  14. OH, I'm DEFINETLY staying gluten-free! First time of no Big D in 2 years! That reason enough not to eat gluten ever...
  15. I'm VERY new to gluten-free, but I've discovered many things that I already loved and was buying that were gluten free...