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  1. scottyg354

    Back at it

    I am actually taking the brand that is ranked #2.
  2. Hey Guys, So my gut issue has never fully resolved. Now I seem to get a lot more d especially in the mornings and...
  3. Ok guys,this post is a little graphic. Many of you know I have been having gut problems for quite some time. You can...
  4. Anyone else experience stuff like this? Really starting to get annoying.
  5. My Thyroglubulin Antibodies were at 68 last time I had them checks range was (0-40). So, yes I believe I do have Hashi...
  6. Ok guys I have been on and off with this gluten thing for a while. I have hypothyroid that can't seem to ever be properly...
  7. Ok thyroid labs are completely normal. I don't have my most recent available but I know they were right were they had...
  8. Doc ordered my a Celiac Panel so I went to the hospital today to get my testing done. When I got there the ladies drawing...
  9. scottyg354


    Just talked to the nurse at the doctors office. She said that everything looked normal, even though she read out loud...
  10. scottyg354


    It's gonna be tough if my test shows up negative to try a go gluten free. I'm gonna do it though and see how I fair out...
  11. scottyg354


    Suprisingly the past two days my symptoms haven't been that bad. Is it normal to have symptoms that aren't consistant...
  12. scottyg354


    I did have the celiac panel last year. I pushed for it after finding this site. Unfortunately right around the time I...
  13. scottyg354


    Can the gallbladder cause the skin boils, constipation and dizziness?
  14. Well I have been talking to a few of you for a while about some of my issues. Just got back from my Ultrasound and HIDA...
  15. scottyg354

    Boils Anyone?

    I can manage. Doc gave some Anti Depressant's to curb my depression. My symptoms have been oddly manageable lately, I...