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  1. Does anyone know what types of Vodka are Gluten free?? What other types of liquors are gluten free?? What about mixers?(orange juice, bloody mary mixers?? Having a party tonite for some gluten free guests. Thank you in advance for responses......
  2. Welcome Rickscuba!! Yes, I can definitely relate to the cracked heals issue. I suffered from terrible rough and cracking skin all over my feet(not just limited to my heals) Of main concern was the dry cracking on my toes. In fact, the cracks went so deep(almost to my bone) that I developed ulcers on my toes, which led to infection, which in turn led to amputation of my big toe and 2nd toe on my left foot(I am not diabetic) Had 4 foot surgeries and doctors had no answer as to why this was occurring in my feet. Recently, I have developed the same cracking on my right foot and toes on right foot-also get tingling and burning in them regularly. I have been gluten free for 9 weeks now and my physical and mental health have improved tremendously. I know that neuropathy can develop in feet and hands of celiacs/gluten intolerance and I do have neuropathy as well in both my feet. I am hoping that whatever the issue with my feet, that staying gluten free will turn things around with my feet, otherwise may require amputation of toe on my right foot. I do not have any advice for remedies for you but thought I would at least share my similar story with you. Good luck.
  3. I am happy for you. Your feelings are similar to those which I had 2 months ago. I went 30+ years being misdiagnosed and I don't have much faith in the medical system. In fact, it was my wife, who spent countless hours researching my symptoms online; she was the one who diagnosed my celiac-NOT A DOCTOR!! Yes, I had the same feelings you did as well. Some anger at the medical community but then I decided that I am not going to focus on the negative emotions. Instead, I made a point to focus on the fact that I am getting healthy now and it is still not too late to enjoy the rest of my life and spend more quality time with my loved ones. Try to fight through the negative emotions and focus on the positive outcome that has finally come your way. In the short 2 months that I have been gluten free, all of my physical and mental ailments have completely vanished and I am a whole person for the first time in my life. Best of luck in your journey and your newfound life!!
  4. I, like you, suffered from chronic constip. Usually only went one time a week and that was usually diarrhea. Chronic stomach issues for 30+ years and none of my doctors EVER suggested gluten issues/celiac disease!!!. I drank Pepto-Bismol and Immodium AD regularly to deal with my symptoms. After observing all my symptoms, my wife concluded I was gluten intolerant and suggested I try a gluten free diet. A week later, with nothing to lose, I took her advice and went gluten free. Within 48 hours I was going #2 daily. Now 2 months later I go twice daily. I have not had any stomach, intestinal, or bowel issues(no constip or diarrh) for over 2 months now and I feel great. I never got tested for celiac by a doctor since I have already seen the amazing and miraculous results of keeping gluten out of my body.
  5. Welcome SusieQ. The same thing happens to me within an hour or 2 after I accidentally consume gluten(achy joints, grumpy mood, brain fog, stomach issues)-Sometimes the side effects can last a few days from my personal experience but they do eventually go away and I get back to normal again. I am glad to see someone learning about gluten intolerance at such a young age. I have had symptoms of gluten intolerance/celiac disease since I was your age-I only wish that I would have known back then about this disease. Consider yourself one of the lucky ones who does not have to live with it for 30 or 40 years before we got diagnosed. Good luck and watch out for those accidental glutenings.
  6. keithceliac2010

    Brain Fog

    Hey Jessica. Sounds like the same type of brainfog that I experienced for many years, except mine was all the time. Almost got fired from work as a result(I am in telephone customer service so when you forget what you are talking about with a customer they are much less forgiving than friends would be-LOL!!) My brain fog subsided within 48-72 hours of going gluten free and after years of walking around in a stupor, I was finally able to process my thoughts and speech again(What a relief-I was scared that I was losing my mind-seriously) When I do get accidentally glutened, the brain fog comes back within a couple hours of ingestion, and can last for a few days. Good luck. Hope the fog lifts soon for you.
  7. Any body have experience with chewing gum/bubble gum. Please let me know which ones you have had problems with, and which ones you have found to be gluten free. Thanks, Keith
  8. Yes, getting glutened after being gluten-free for a while is no fun. I have only bee gluten-free for 5 weeks or so. After 3 weeks of going gluten-free, i got accidentally glutened and it knocked me down flat on my back for 48-72 hours. Had to just sleep it off. To me it was a good reminder that gluten really is like poison to my system, and that incident has made me become more vigilant about avoiding gluten in all forms-I try to stay positive and chalk it up to a learning experience. But while I was in the throes of getting glutened it was hard to think clearly. I understand how you feel now-it WILL work itself out of your system and you should get back to feeling good, like you were when you first went gluten free. As far as your doctor whom you are frustrated with, I can totally understand your frustration. I was misdiagnosed for 30+ years, and it was my wife, NOT A DOCTOR, who diagnosed me. Without the internet, and my wifes vigilance in finding out what was wrong with me, I would still be sick. I have moments where I can look back, and I get downright pissed-off(for lack of a better word) at all the doctors who knew my symptoms(IBS, Bloating, Diarr and Constip, Agonizing stomach pain, Frequent daily heartburn, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, etc, etc etc.) Yet no doctor ever put it all together and they never mentioned celiac disease. I never heard about celiac until 6 weeks ago when my wife said she thought she found my cure-and it was right. So, I had 2 options. I could, 1. Stay mad about the dozens of doctors who misdiagnosed me, which would get my blood pressure up and generally stress me out. Or I could 2. Let it go, enjoy my the NEW ME and my newfound energy and health, and just start taking responsibility for my own well being(and not relying on the doctors to give me a pill to fix all my ailments.) I have felt like crap for 2 decades and now that I have found relief and found my cure, I refuse to live in the past and the pain. I choose to move forward in my cure and as soon as your recent glutening gets out of your system you will feel better and have a brighter outlook. I promise. Good Luck
  9. keithceliac2010

    Colonoscopy Today

    Good luck scottyg. May the force be with you....Keith
  10. keithceliac2010

    A Little Comic Relief

    LMAO!!!! Good luck scottyg. Glad you have a sense of humor about it. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine. Sent you a pm this morning. Have a look. I'll send you an update about Jerry's kids and you can fill me in on the details and findings of your testing......."mama tried to raise me better but her pleading I denied, that leaves only me to blame cuz mama tried..."
  11. I am the only one in my family that has been diagnosed with Celiac. I am 99.9% positive that others in my family do have gluten intolerance since they still have the same symptoms as I had before going gluten-free. My father has most all of the symptoms that I had when I was eating gluten(bloating, IBS,chronic fatigue,achy joints,etc), but to date he has not decided to get tested and/or try a gluten-free diet for a period of time to see if his symptoms subside. He has had severe kidney stone issues for decades. He has had several procedures to break them up so he can pass them, but he keeps getting more of them. A recent ultrasound revealed one of his kidneys is full of stones, and now he is getting pain in his other kidney. When he is having a kidney stone attack, he will do ANYTHING to get rid of the pain and most of the time ends up in the hospital, and they send him home with a bottle of narcotic pain killers. I have researched online and have found a few articles that seem to show a correlation between certain types of kidney stones and celiac. My question is this: Do any celiacs on this site experience kidney stones or have you experienced them in the past?? Does anyone have any personal experience or knowledge of a correlation between celiac and kidney stones?? Any good links that may help explain the correlation?? I appreciate whatever info you guys can share with me.
  12. keithceliac2010

    Weight Loss

    I have been gluten-free for about 5 weeks. I have lost 20-25 lbs so far. But most importantly, my stomach bloating has subsided. My pants are falling down!!!! lol. Still wearing my 46 waist pants, only because I have not been shopping yet. Gonna wait and see how much I lose before I buy new clothes. If I went shopping today looks like I would fit in a 42 waist.
  13. keithceliac2010

    Depression And Celiac

    WOW!!!! Thanks to all of you who can speak freely and candidly about the dark secrets of depression. No one(including myself) has ever been able to put a finger on my depression or help with the desparate feelings. I have seen several psychiatrist over the last 15 years and had several changes in anti-depressant medication, and nothing has come near to changing my moods ands perceptions like going gluten free(5 weeks now). What a wonderful feeling to have that black cloud dissapate. Reading your posts let me know I am not alone in this, for you have all been through EXACTLY what I have been through. If there is a HELL, it does not scare me, for I have been to HELL and back, and I have finally been released from its clutches. Normally, Mondays are really blah, and almost unbearable. But today, even though the sky is black with storm clouds and the temps dropped into the 30's, I can hold my head high and life seems so much brighter-no more doom and gloom-been there done that-and Done with it for good. Btw-I have had an accidental glutening in the last 4 weeks and yes, it took my right back down the spiral stairway to Madness-Gluten is some nasty stuff I tell ya. But WE are the lucky ones. It is up to us to spread the word and try to find the thousands if not millions of undiagnosed celiacs who are living in their own little HELL. You guys and gals have a Bright and Wonderful Day!!!!
  14. Hi! Saw one of your posts re: your wife and her not feeling so well lately. I just thought I'd ask: has there been construction around her lately? A lot of construction materials contain gluten, and if the dust (like drywall or sawdust from plywood) is in the air, it's often in high enough concentration to be breathed in, ingested a bit, and give her a reaction. Just thought I'd...

  15. I suffered with celiac for at least 30 years remembering symptoms as far back as early teens. I was diagnosed by my wife and have been gluten free for 4 weeks. My symptoms were many: chronic fatigue, irratable bowel synd., depression, neuropathy in feet, restless leg syndrome, shooting pains in body, crippling pains in knees and hips, etc. etc. Classic text book celiac. This may be hard to believe, but within 24 hours of going gluten free i was getting relief from ALL of my symptoms vanished miraculously!!!! And they have not come back!!! No need to get tested here-the proof is in the pudding so to speak... My wife on the other hand, started gluten-free diet a week before i did(she correctly diagnosed both of us). Her symptoms also disappeared within 24-48 hours and she felt wonderful for the first 3 weeks. However, she then has had a relapse of some of her symptoms: chronic fatigue, severe headaches, and the last 2 weeks have been diifficult for her ven though we both remain gluten free. She is now examining her diet to see what other sensitivities to foods and or medications she may be reacting too. So, as it appears, different people can react differently when they go Gluten-free. Good luck to you. Keep in mind though that test for Celiac can show a false negative. So even if you get a negative on your test, your symptoms could still improve with a gluten-free diet.