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  1. just for another data point, I tested negative to celiac and I don't the most common genes, but I'd read some of Dr H's research and since I had lots of balance problems in addition to the gastro stuff, I was determined to go gluten free even without a diagnosis. It probably took about 3 months...
  2. I'd have conversations with my colleague, turn to my computer to start working on whatever we'd discussed (literally seconds late), and then have to ask her what we were talking about. Happily, 2 + years gluten free and I am now *much* better at remembering. Me too. I used to crash into...
  3. I've never been to Israel but in Australia we get gluten free foods (pretzels, cake etc) that are made in Israel so I'm sure that they would be available there too. I can't think what the brand is offhand - might be Etzel, or something like that? I just googled gluten free israel and lots of...
  4. I missed your original post at the time but I think it's awesome your chiro suggested celiac. Because I too always failed the romberg test and my chiro didn't indicate that it was a problem, there were just exercises he wanted me to do. It was about 3 years later that I ended up going gluten free...
  5. I live in Roanoke and can help you but cannot reply right now. Nudge me either on the topic or by private mail and I'll help.


  6. Usually two hours later, but I start feeling very tired within about 20 minutes. Stomach ache which sends me running to the bathroom than D. Then more extreme tiredness. The worst time was cc through cooking oil and I fell asleep on the sofa that evening for about 3 hours (which...
  7. I went completely grain free for 3 weeks in January. It's how I discovered I had a problem with gluten - when I got lazy and started eating wheat again I felt absolutely horrendous. I found it hard to get enough carbs. I was following paleo so no legumes or potatoes either. I was doing it to...