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  1. navigator


    Okay, I know I'm the other side of the pond to vote, but who your president is does have a huge affect on us over here...
  2. navigator

    The Song Name Game

    The Angels Want To Wear My Red Shoes- Elvis Costello Good to be back! Story behind my username is quite long - and...
  3. navigator

    The Song Name Game

    Thanks so much for welcome back!! Health wasn't good for quite some time and I laid low. Huge improvement so thought...
  4. navigator

    Share Your Culture

    Hi. In terms of the correct way to describe your Scottish heritage , you're half Scottish. Scotch is a desription of...
  5. navigator

    The Song Name Game

    Spinning Jenny - Skyclad
  6. I was diagnosed by endescopy and biopsy but I'm 54 and also in the menopause. I do have symptons which are common to...
  7. navigator

    New Poll

    I'm Scottish with Irish on my paternal great grandmother's side. Celtic through and through!
  8. navigator

    The Song Name Game

    House Of The Rising Sun - The Animals
  9. navigator

    The Song Name Game

    Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight - Bob Dylan
  10. navigator

    The Song Name Game

    All In The Game - Tommy Edwards
  11. I was in the South of France last year and did not have any problems. I bought the Multi-Lingual Phrase Passport For...
  12. That's great - have a wonderful time
  13. navigator

    Is Toasting Bread Time Consuming?

    So here I am extending the thread on how long it takes to toast gluten free bread I made bread yesterday with a different...
  14. I have no problem with single scotch malt whisky,including Glenfiddich, and coeliac UK state that they are gluten free...
  15. I guess I'm lucky as I've not experienced any difficulties with either wine, malt whisky or Glayva . I've had my...