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  1. I glutened myself on Thursday night with spices when I was making a curry. Just starting to feel better today. I'm really annoyed as I thought I had it all down to a fine art. Oh well, won't make that mistake again.
  2. Aren't infused oils great? I always have a collection of them - such an easy way to add flavour to cooking. Now, get on with starting your blog with gorgeous recipes and cooking tips!! Tonight I'm doing free-range corn-fed chicken portions, once they've cooked for a bit I'll add chorizo, crushed...
  3. love2travel - have you ever thought of putting some of your recipes into a booklet? I for you would love to buy it - exciting recipes and all gluten free, who wouldn't!?! Tonight I'm doing chicken fillets wrapped in parma ham and served with chorizo and roasted veg (butternut squash, sweet potato...
  4. Lamb meatballs tonight. Lamb mince with ginger, garlic, gluten-free soya sauce, parsley and egg yolk. Cooked in stock, dry sherry, more soya sauce, garlic and then spring onions. Not sure yet what I'm serving with it.
  5. Yes, the main reaction was debilitating fatigue. I couldn't understand where I'd been glutened as I'm very careful and house is gluten free. It was my son-in-law who got me to think beyond food cross-contamination and go through everything I'd done which was different. The only thing was that I...
  6. I also had problems which turned out to be from cleanser, exfoliator and lip balm. They were wonderful products from the dermalogica range but contained wheat. The company were great however, not only did they supply a full list of their products which were gluten free but deducted the cost of the...
  7. Chicken tossed in gluten free flour and browned, onions, garlic, tomatoes, tomato puree, dry sherry, stock and fresh basil and thyme. Bunged in the slow cooker and will be ready tonight. Still to decide what I'm serving with it.
  8. I've found that since being gluten free that I'm hardly ever hungry and eat smaller portions than before. I imagine it's that my body is now absorbing more nutrients and so isn't looking for more food. I've struggled with my weight since childhood and now as well as not feeling hungry the weight...
  9. Venison pan fried in little olive oil, new potatoes served with butter and oats, asparagus tips, mushrooms, a side salad with organic salad leaves, red onions, orange and yellow peppers, cherry tomato, cucumber and balsamic syrup and a port, cranberry and pepper sauce. I can't claim the credit for...
  10. I also love Cumberland sausages! I think that Lorne sausages are peculiar to Scotland. They are also known as slice sausage and are the square sausage you may have had if you had cooked breakfasts in hotels when you were in Scotland. I had one of the lamb burgers for my lunch and it was so flavoursome...
  11. Just back from our local farmers market where I bought the following gluten free organic products Lamb and rosemary sausages Lamb sausages Beef sausages Lorne sausages venison burgers lamb burgers beef burgers black pudding The sausages and burgers contain no 'fillers' Pure organic meat...
  12. I buy them in Tesco. It's their own Free From range and are free from gluten, wheat and milk.
  13. Chicken, chorizo, red,green and yellow peppers, mushrooms,garlic and onions(all organic except chirizo) stir-fried in olive oil and served with soured cream and salsa in gluten-free pitta bread. Accompanied by a nice red wine!
  14. Good game you started! It's been well received! Thanks!