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  1. All of these answers are so incredibly helpful. I actually skipped Thanksgiving this year because I was just getting over a reaction from a big batch of crumbly cookies someone had unexpectedly brought to an event earlier that week. I cooked my part of the meal, sent it off with my husband, and then...
  2. Thanks so much for your feedback. I think I was hoping others felt the same so I would feel better doing what I know I need to do! I thought about it more today and I think I'll tell them I'll provide all the "crumbly" snacks like cookies and crackers and they can bring drinks and candy, things that...
  3. How do I deal with the issue of what kind of food other people bring into our house? My kitchen is not completely gluten-free because my husband still eats store-bought bread, but he's very careful about it. Twice in the last couple of months, though, at some regular gatherings, people have brought...