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  1. I went to a GI dr back in January of this year after I found that the 23andme test I got for Christmas showed I have a celiac gene. I had been having many digestive issues and at the time had diarrhea for over a month straight. She did the celiac panel blood test and an endoscopy with a biopsy...
  2. My test results posted tonight in my chart. I won't hear from my doctor until tomorrow but with one of then being 24, it looks positive to me. She did a biopsy today but saw little to no damage so I wont hear those results for another week. Can I get your opinions please? Link to results
  3. New to this forum and to researching celiac. A little background: I'm a 33 year old female and have had iron deficiency anemia most of my life. I get it corrected, then suddenly it's back again and up until I got pregnant at 30, I really never worried about it much. It was more of a nuisance. But...