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    Link to anemia and h. pylori?

    My test results posted tonight in my chart. I won't hear from my doctor until tomorrow but with one of then being 24, it looks positive to me. She did a biopsy today but saw little to no damage so I wont hear those results for another week. Can I get your opinions please? Link to results
  2. New to this forum and to researching celiac. A little background: I'm a 33 year old female and have had iron deficiency anemia most of my life. I get it corrected, then suddenly it's back again and up until I got pregnant at 30, I really never worried about it much. It was more of a nuisance. But while pregnant, it was so bad that I had to get IV iron several times a week. I was seen by a hematologist twice who did further testing and basically said there was no reason as far as she could tell. But yet it comes back. I continued the IV iron into my 32nd year and as of about a year ago my levels were normal. Who knows about right now, haven't been tested since. I battled CONSTANT fatigue from the pregnancy coupled with the anemia and that has never left. Fast forward to about 8-10 months ago I began having severe abdominal pain and what I can only explain as irritable bowel symptoms. No matter what I ate, seemingly random (I never suspected gluten so I didn't look for that), my stomach would hurt very badly. Then I started having episodes every few months where the pain was so bad, I was in the fetal position in the floor or propped on a wall in tears which ALWAYS led to vomiting whatever I'd eaten last. Again, it wasn't for any 1 food it seemed. This continued and increased in frequency until I went to the doctor and he said oh you have GERD. I sort of rolled my eyes because I've never had any problems with acid. I burp it every now and then but it's almost always after I eat very spicy food. Otherwise, nothing. However, he tested me for h.pylori and that test came back positive. So he said ok scratch the GERD and we are going to treat the stomach infection and it should clear up. 2 weeks of very strong antibiotics that did more harm than good and either I still have h. pylori or something else is going on. I'm not months past that and my stomach is an absolute mess. I'm EXHAUSTED all day long, I've had very loose stool for WEEKS and horrible gas and bloating. Horrible headaches. I'm at my wit's end. Today, I had general genetic testing results come back that showed I have one of the genes for celiac disease and that started my research into the possibility of all of my problems stemming from this. I've read that celiac can cause unexplained anemia, which is what I have and that it seems to somehow link with an h.pylori infection. Perhaps because it lowers your immune response. I've just scheduled an appointment with my PCP to get tested. But after reading about how doctors tend to dance around getting this test, now I'm nervous. Of course I'd love to find out I don't have it, but I just wish I could figure out why my whole system is so screwed up. I'd love to hear from those of you who are much more experienced with this and if you had anemia or any of my current symptoms before getting tested?