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  1. Hello. A new poster here with my recent experience with glutin 'poisoning'. I'm a 64 yo male that has enjoyed a relatively healthy life and perhaps a result of seeing my maternal grandmother and my mom being very health conscious throughout my life. As I got into my 40's and 50's I began 'listening' to my body for signals that maybe all is not well. My wife (7 years younger) has been a person that will spend literally hours researching digestive issues and head ache (migraine) as she is prone to both. A keto diet has been her journey for a few years and I decided to jump aboard a little over a year ago. Not that I'm that heavy but my weight came off rapidly, my arthritic joints became pain-free, and overall I started feeling better than I have in years - and I didn't realize how much better I could feel. Now I have to admit, I fall off the wagon from time to time simply because I have no self control! Example: we might go out to dinner and I'll say "oh I'll have a beer..." bc I haven't had one in a couple weeks. Or we'll go to a place that has this great bread they bring before the meal and I'll eat one piece or such. Well... Last Friday we went to one of our favorite wings places and I ordered up a big tall (20 or 22 oz) draught IPA. To add insult to (impending) injury, I ordered a big ol' juicy burger ON A BUN and I ate it (the bun). I had no idea how much misery I was setting myself up for 24 hrs later. Saturday evening I started getting some discomfort in my abdomen and by Sunday afternoon and especially through the night on Sunday, I was in writhing pain in my intestines. I MIGHT have slept an hour all night. Monday morning I had to do something. I had no idea if I was having a gall bladder attack, appendix explosion, or what so I went to see my GP doc. Now he knows that if I come to see him that I must be in some acute condition bc we've had the conversations about why I should be coming in regularly for all the screenings for this or that and he's not happy with me that I don't feel the need to do so. So, yesterday he would have sent me directly to the ER if I would have gone bc I've never had a colonoscopy - which he is just livid - and he thought that there they could do all the requisite tests and perhaps find what is the root of this acute pain. I told him of my diet I have been eating and that I have been mostly glutin-free for some time and that I had eaten a pretty heavy dose of it on Friday. He basically poo-pooed that idea as even being a possibility. He gave me a strong recommendation that if tomorrow (which is today) that the pain is still there, and definitely if it worsens, GET TO THE ER. I'm here to report, I am convinced that is EXACTLY what happened, I had a glutin explosion in my gut that took me out for roughly 24-36 hours. I am feeling MUCH better at this moment and believe I'll be my 'normal' self by end of today! Dale
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