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  1. @Beverage thanks, it's nice to hear from someone without all the GI problems. Joint pain and, I like your term "muddy thinking" Thanks all
  2. I'm trying the elimination diet. I got a 'maybe' on the test pistachios. Which removing them from my diet and then taking a handful made me itch. Check. Will try some pistachio ice cream later on. Found some non dairy, gluten-free. Sounds yummy. Going gluten-free and dairy free for a...
  3. Thanks for the feedback. As some have suggested I started keeping a food diary a week or so ago. (reading my chicken scratch later will be fun, lol). It seems its a puzzle to figure out what the body wants, and it changes over time. I get the feeling my body is tired of (some) dairy and gluten...
  4. Yup. Lupus, arthritis, diabetes, basic thyroid tests were done in my annual workup. Doc declared me "healthy". It's in my head. For one weekend I ate nothing but protein (chicken, beef, eggs, etc), veggies, and nothing out of a can (other than the hummus I made and spoonfuls of peanut butter...
  5. Nice to hear that not everyone has GI issues. And such a long list of problems. While it may not be celiac, I think at a minimum my body has decided it just operates better with little gluten and dairy. And i have gone to soy milk; almonds are next on my list of things to see if my body revolts...
  6. Completely understand that genes arent 100%. I'm reaching for straws and banging my head on the wall. However you just blew my mind that you are celiac but not allergic to wheat. I've read wheat allergy but not celiac never the opposite direction. And 6+ weeks for it to show up on a test...
  7. First, I appreciate all the information people post in here. I've broken down and decided to put my frustrations into writing. I've been to 2 doctors and both seem to think I'm nuttier than a fruitcake. As do other people in general. Maybe I am. I'm not one to go to a doctor unless it's bleeding...