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  1. Thank you all for your wisdom. I asked my son to look at his DNA testing he had a few months ago and tell me if he saw any indications of Celiacs in our DNA. He said his report had said it showed a "slightly increased" chance of Celiacs. I am having mixed results with this test week of no...
  2. Thank you all for the replies. I am so confused. It just seems really complicated. It is weird that my Dr said " You have Celiacs," and put it in my chart as a diagnoses based on that one test. And the numbers (even to me) looked odd, as Cyclinglady said my Transglutaminase was 10 less than 19 by...
  3. Nope. I got the test results in my email it just said my test range score for Transglutaminase was 10 and the normal range was > =19 and my IgA was 465.. and that the normal was 46-287. The doctor never mentioned a biopsy, she just said, "You have Celiacs, Go Gluten Free." - and put on my chart...
  4. I don't know, I am quoting what my test results said. I have never had the test before so I can only go by the fact that it said normal range was 46-278.
  5. This week I got my test results back for Celiacs. My IgA was 465 ( Test says normal is 46- 287) My Transglutaminase was 10. The doctor diagnosed me with Celiacs based on this and the fact I have a 2.7 bone density on one femur. (Osteoporosis is considered anything over 2.5). I m 62, so...