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  1. Thanks! I appreciate your perspective. I only have one child, and will be getting a requisition to have her tested this week. It's just my partner, myself, and my daughter in our household. So once we know my daughter's results, we will make a plan for the home! Thanks again for your help...
  2. Thanks again for your help! I had my appt yesterday and the Dr said without a doubt, I have celiac disease. He said he is comfortable diagnosing without a scope but would do one for me if I wanted. I would like to know the extent of the damage- like you mentioned- unfortunately I’m not booked for t...
  3. Thank you to both of you! I really appreciate it. Tomorrow is my appointment and I am anxiously awaiting next steps. If/once my diagnosis is confirmed, I also plan to have my 6 year old tested as she has sole suspect symptoms as well. thanks for the support!!
  4. Hi everyone, I’m so glad to have found this community! My journey to diagnosis has been many years coming (as I’m sure it was for many of you), and I’m so excited to (hopefully) soon know the cause of my health issues. I have an appointment soon with a gastroenterologist and want to be...