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  1. So I talked with my doctor this afternoon and she said that she found some mild spots of inflammation in my stomach and small intestine but nothing so concerning that she felt the need to discuss it with me after the procedure. She said she couldn’t tell for sure whether it would be celiac or not a...
  2. Thanks so much for all your insights and help! I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy this morning. I didn’t see the doctor afterwards, but was told to schedule an office visit with her for next week. So we’ll see how it goes. Once I woke up in recovery, I was given pictures taken from the endoscopy wit...
  3. Hi everyone, I’m new to this website and Celiac’s. My doctor ordered a blood test for celiac’s last month when I mentioned a few of the symptoms I was experiencing. My TTG IgA came back as a 10 with the lab results saying anything above 4 was positive. However, it came back negative for E...