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  1. Has anyone been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy?
  2. Does anyone think it could be red wine? I’m really trying to think of everything I do.. sorry
  3. Is normal to feel worse before better? Because Im ok with that I just didn't expect it that's all. I think I was more asymptomatic had other random autoimmune things. If its celiac that's ok just never had this leg thing before and its worse then the celiac..
  4. I can say I dont take my vitamin everyday maybe thats it. I definitely dont eat anything boxed or canned..that made me feel horrible the few times I ate them. Sometimes organic gluten-free chips but I dont think thats it I also use broth in soups but those brands say they are ok even in cross reference...
  5. Hi Everyone, I was diagnosed Oct 1 biopsy and blood with celiac since then following a strict gluten-free diet. Only thing is I feel worse then ever. My legs hurt so bad sometimes most of the time , feels like I cant walk feels like burning and paralyzed. Ive gone for allergy testingand nothing...
  6. Hi everyone I was just diagnosed and am still detoxing. I feel awful and am a mother of 4 with a shared kitchen. I live in central Jersey does anyone know if there is a support group around here? Thanks Elf