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  1. It does sound like that! I'd always have thought migraine to be associated with headaches. The periodic nature of it followed by the hangover stage sounds very familiar. I can't see any connection to celiac though is that what you would connect yours to? I'd imagine it's hard to say.
  2. Omg what an awful time you've had sorry to hear all this but glad you've fought it. Gluten is just poison to some people. It's interesting you mention the autonomous system too as I've also noticed my breathing stop when falling asleep. I wake up and I'm just like "why aren't I breathing? best...
  3. It's very interesting you had similar issues many years ago. I've got a neurology appointment this week, I've decided to go private, and my referal from my GP suggests MS to be looked at. worrying. I started on gluten again yesterday as I've ordered a test and felt OK mostly. Today though I...
  4. Thanks for all that! Lots of good information there and plenty to think about. I'll keep the thread updated if I manage to get some answers. Take care Steve
  5. Thanks for the reply, I have been tested for deficiencies and all bloods came back ok for vitamins, thyroid, anemia etc. I've also had a brain CT to rule out a tumor. I'm thinking about going private to a neurologist and mentioning possible gluten ataxia/ neuropathy. It certainly sounds plausible...
  6. Hi, I've just signed up and would like some thoughts on my condition. Sorry if I ramble on a bit it's been a tough year. All my life I've struggled with heartburn and digestive issues and I noticed this would be worse after things like toast or cereals. So I've always considered a gluten allergy...