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  1. Thanks everyone for the responses, very helpful. Can someone suggest what might be simple foods? Again it’s early days but we can tell he flares up ( that’s how I describe it) when he eats something perhaps has gluten in it. Thanks again. Concerned Mum!
  2. Thanks kindly for your prompt reply. I am hoping we can support our son during this change in his life. What makes it super difficult for us is, Ryan has a learning disability and is high functioning. This is challenging for the average person. I can’t imagine how this impacts someone with p...
  3. I stumbled upon this site. It’s very helpful so far. I jus have a few questions I would like to clarify. We are waiting for the biopsy results. How long does that typically take? We are in Canada. My son, 19 might have it. He loved to eat food and now he hates all foods. Can you still k...