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  1. I don’t understand why you’re having such a hard time understanding the point of this post. I’ve looked into DH which is what led me to this forum. I’ve posted these photos to see if these types of blisters are similar to those with DH as the photos on the internet show a wide variety. As I’...
  2. I understand that I need to see a doctor for a diagnosis. I’m asking out of curiosity if these particular types of blisters are symptomatic of celiac/DH. They don’t itch until they are healing. When they first appear they are painful. They don’t mirror each other perfectly. For example, the ones ...
  3. Are blisters like these a symptom of celiac? I haven’t been able to afford a visit to the dr just yet but after this most recent outbreak of large blisters, I’m going to make it happen. Yesterday I woke up to this particular one and smaller one on my forearm. Today I woke up to one on my hand (wh...