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  1. That's very interesting, comparing it to other conditions like that. However, specificially for obesity, I would say that obesity is only linked to trends in increases in health problems. Not everyone who is obese will get ill or get a disease or have increased risk of death. However, contiuning to eat gluten with celiac disease will lead to future health problems. Obesity means gaining weight, which could lead to problems. Celiac disease and gluten means and directly leads to damage and destruction of intenstines. You will likely get health problems, whether it be osteoporosis (very common as you all know) or anemia (not so common). So i guess what I was trying to say is.. celiac disease directly leads to damage while obesity just leads to a possible increased risk of damage.
  2. If a child has celiac disease and a parent refuses to enforce the diet, is that parent committing child abuse? The child knows he has celiac disease and knows that there are long-term health risks. The child is a teenager, age 15. However, the parent will not stop the child if he tries to eat gluten and often will give him food with gluten, as to not make him feel like he's missing out on what everyone else has. The parent also has celiac disease and, having gone undiagnosed for many years, herself has serious health problems due to the disease and the damage it caused. What do you think: child abuse? or is the child old enough to make these decisions for himself?
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