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  1. Yes, it was a range of less than 20 so testing 100 was enough for my doc to say no more gluten. But then that was it....he will not refer to GI because it is probable I have it so I need to heal my gut. I do have small children (boys) but their pediatricians office says they do not need to be tested...
  2. Here is the interpretation chart he sent me and yes I have 2 kids in which their pediatrician said they didn’t need to be tested unless they show symptoms which goes against everything I have read about symptoms being silent etc.... Is it possible to have positive antibodies show in blood t...
  3. Could someone who is more familiar with numbers help me to interpret mine since the doctor did not? Got these results last week and was told to go gluten-free. No endoscopy or further testing needed because it is probable that I have celiac due to positive antibodies. My symptoms are mild with occasional...