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  1. I'm sorry to hear what you are going through. I spent 8 years worring about the possiblity of MS. So, I totally understand what you are going through and feeling. Please, try not to fret until after you've ruled out everything else. My symptoms have all been explained: Numbness in the face, slurred speech, dizziness, seizures=Hypoglycemia Numbness in the limbs and arms=herniated neck disc/flattening of spine/protuding discs, etc (looking like osteoprosis/degenerative disc disease at 35yrs!!!) Bowel and bladder problems=food/fat intolerances And lastly, Sensitivity to heat/stumbling/all of the above/mood swings/etc=pancreatic tumor caused by on going pancreatis, caused by food intolerances/allergies (Sounds like I was in a car wreck or something. No, just not getting the vitamins I need to remain healthy.) Anyway, it was surprising to beable to find an answer for everything, but it did take 8 years to find all but the real cause of a lot of problems, which is the gluten/food intolerances. Because of it I can't absorb iron/fats/sugars/calcium/etc the way I should and need to.. so I end up with numerous problems. Hang in there. And please let us know how you are doing.
  2. I'm not sure, I know it was generic. My husband tossed it as soon as we realized it bothered me. But I'm wondering if its not necessarily gluten or if its just my stomach is still extremely sensitive.
  3. Yeah, DP used to be my drink until I started swelling up.. thats why I changed to rootbeer, plus its caffine free (so I thought it might be the caffine, eventhough I'm fine with coffee). Come to think on it, years ago I gave up Coke because just 1 cup made me swell up. I remember because I'd ask for a coke and my husband would give me 1/2 a can and say, "Enjoy, but I don't want to hear complaints." I wonder, maybe its not a gluten thing because I thought I heard that coke & DP were gluten-free. Apparently we are all really sensitive to a lot of things. Soda isn't the greatest thing in the first place. Maybe there is just something in there, or the amount of what ever it is that we can't handle. Not to mention that it sounds like a lot of us have Gastritis and I would think sodas could irritate that.
  4. It's my favorit drink. I had A & W and didn't appear to have any problems, but I had a Walmart brand today and my belly is swollen 2 inches out, literally. I'm going to play it safe and go back to A & W and see what happens, but I just wanted to give you guys a warning. I've heard A & W should be gluten-free, but we should probably be very cautious concerning off brands.
  5. Thanks, I didn't consider lactose when I added butter. I never use butter (I guess there was a reason). Anyway, I spoke with my son's doctor today and He explained my situation much better than my GI. He said that I was probably lactose intolerant and iron defiencent as well. I said yes! He said I wouldn't be able to digest the fats because of the inflammation/damage in my small intestine. So even if I'm not truely lactose intolerant, I am and will be until my intestine heals.
  6. I didn't think of that. I just didn't want to use oil, so used the butter. After eating I swelled up horribly and started getting a headache (headaches I've noticed come when I've had wheat). Anyway, later I looked and it said "artificaial flavoring" so I figured that was it, but yes I can't digest fats, lactose, etc either. I don't know why I didn't consider the milk. I didn't use very much, but regardless I need to be more careful. Thanks for your help.
  7. Brief overview: With the anemia, headaches, pancreaitis, allergies/asthma, gerd, and gastritis/swelling we did decide to go gluten-free last week. I'm already feeling better. I didn’t start to feel sick again until after I ate dinner last night. And I cooked it myself! I had tilapia fish and rice. I played it safe because I knew I never have a problem with this meal. Okay, so what was different last night? Why did I swell up and have a hint of a headache? Butter. I NEVER add butter to my fish, I always use olive oil but I ran out so I used butter. Ok, can’t have butter....or at least until I find one without the wheat filler. From my previous post: It’s a slow process, but I think we’re on the right track. My husband isn’t surprised at all. He says I’ve been in denial. I can’t explain why I’ve fought this, maybe because it seems this year I’ve had to eliminate so many things from my diet: milk, meats, pastas, some breads… I eliminated salad because I got really sick. Why? Croutons. I stopped eating minestrone because just a cup started making me sick. Why? Pasta. My husband is quite smug right now, “I told you so.” He’s such a brat! Anyway, I’m getting there and I’m getting stronger willed and optimistic. Who knows, it might not be the actual fats I have problems with it. It might be the gluten that has upset my system so much that it doesn’t matter what I eat, I become sick. Its like having the flu. Its not the food that’s making you sick, it’s the flu. Your stomach just can’t take it. Facing your family and helping them face the facts: Well, I’ve been putting off calling my mother and sister-in-law about me going on the gluten-free diet. My SIL probably wouldn’t have had any problems with it. She has Crohn’s Disease, so I’m sure she would have understood, but my mother (per my brother’s explanation) has become so numb with worry over her children she just doesn’t want to face things. Anyway, my youngest son is sick today and I’m fairly certain it’s from wheat intolerance. I know I’m not a doctor, but I spoke with the nurse and with his previous history of rashes/diarrhea/recent temperament she agrees that it must be a food allergy. Just last week he had a bad reaction to french toast (wheat). So, it was time to call Mom. I think my light-hearted mood really helped our conversation. She asked me how I was doing and I had my opening, “I’m doing actually GREAT!” She asked what was different and I explained to her about the Gluten-free diet… she laughed and said, “I told you not to eat all that wheat bread.” She was being funny and I discussed with her about “inheriting allergies” and that she diagnosed herself with colitis. She doesn’t know for sure if her ongoing Montezuma’s revenge/food poisoning is from colitis or not. I explained to her the symptoms and she said, “I get that!” DUH!!! Anyhoo, she wondered about my niece and cousin because they have the same symptoms as my son and myself. I told her that they were next on my list to warn. I spoke with my SIL and she was blown away and she too thinks she should have my niece tested. Unfortunately, especially for kids it’s a serious procedure to have a biopsy. The only thing one can do safely is put them on the diet. Wish us luck! I’m very optimistic right now. Questions I’ve had for so long are being answered and if what I’ve been through helps others, then that will be the reason this was all worth it. Chin up, newbies! I'm only a week in and it is already looking better!
  8. For the past 10 years I have suffered from asthma, Hypoglycemia, anemia, not digesting fats, lactose intolerant, swollen neck lymphs, nerve disfunction, etc. The on going lack of fat digestion/etc lead to chronic pancreaitis which ended up with a large pancreatic tail tumor crushing my splene. Ok, after the distal-pancreatomy and splenectomy I still can't digest fats/ low blood sugar and iron are better but still a problem. I had a colonoscopy which was fine. I've been having abdomen ct scans every six months for swollen small intestine lymph nodes. The last report showed no new growth and while it could be lymphoma they feel optimistic because all the lymphs haven't grown in 10 months..(Lets wait until it spreads and is uncontrollable before we try to do something.) I'm a bit sarcastic right now. Anyway, the swollen lymphs weren't on my pre-surgery cat scan, but showed up 6 months after surgery (and are still there). Anyway, a year after Prevaid treatment I had an endoscopy. Findings were Gerd, Gastritis, inflammation of the stomach and upper small intestine, old stomach blood, etc. The biopsy for gluten sensitivity said, "suggestive possible gluten sensity." They ran blood tests which came back normal. I gave up pasta, pancakes, muffin on occasion a year ago because I swelled up and felt completely weighted down. Pizza gives me diahrea. I thought it was just fat. My husband is certain that I have gluten sensitivity if not full blown celiac. Celiac disease would explain all my problems so I'm going to try the gluten challenge and see how I feel. I've given up meats and a lot of carbs becuase of fats, I can give up the rest of wheat products. (Ok that was a pep talk:) Anyway, my fustration is the fact that my GI nurse finally called me back last night to say the blood work was normal. I asked her if a light to non-gluten diet would effect the results and she said NO. Okay, everything I've heard says to be glutened up before those tests. That was strike one against her. I asked her about all the inflammation and the biopsy. She said remain on the Prevaid for awhile, I reminded her that I've been on it for over a year now and they still showed "lots of inflammation".. she said well just think of how worse you would have been without it. STRIKE TWO! I asked her again about the biopsy and she said it was only suggestive, not 100%. So, her bottom line was for me to remain on the Prevacid and schedule an appt for 3 months to visit with the doctor. I'm tired, fed up and really, I don't want them to continue cutting out organs that have gone bad because I can't digest fats. I have 3 children and can't afford to pass out from dizzy spells from lack of oxygen, low iron or low sugar. I've been fighting this blindly for 10 years now and frankly I'm sick of doctors. Sorry I'm so irritated, I just really am tired of it all.
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