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  1. I work @ Baggataway Tavern, formerly Billy Cunningham's Court, in West Conshohocken.....not far from the Trappe.......we have been carrying Redbridge for some time now.....in addition, since I have celiac disease, the kitchen & wait staff are very knowledgable & helpful in ordering meals safely.
  2. I have an entree called "Salmon North by Northwest" pretty frequently Salmon North by Northwest: Grilled salmon fillet, finished with caper-lemon butter, served on garlic smashed potatoes, with today
  3. I am a bartender in the philadelphia area and have celiac as well. Specifically, I bartend in West Conshohocken @ a bar called the Baggataway Tavern. We now carry Redbridge gluten free beer @ the bar. Management & ownership has become aware of the dietary concerns of people with celiac disease because of me. Likewise, the kitchen is very aware of the special needs in ordering meals as well. One of the partners also owns a bar in the manayunk section of Philadelphia called The Ugly Moose. Redbridge is also available @ The Ugly Moose & is a restaurant that I also eat @ frequently. Likewise, the kitchen staff is very knowledgable about the special needs that are required for a gluten-free diet. I just wanted to make this known to anyone in the Philadelphia area, that I can assure that the kitchen staff & management @ both restaurants are very concious to our needs & that I personally have a very high comfort level eating @ both restaurants knowing this. In addition, the food & service is outstanding.
  4. Bard's Tale Beer will be available @ The Beer Outlet in Northeast Philadelphia as of tommorrow.......
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