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  1. thank you for the advice!! very helpful thanks for the tip! two years?? yuck!
  2. Thanks for all the help! I do make my pizza from home and i eat gluten free oatmeal for cross contamination purposes. i haven’t heard of no oats for six months before. gluten free oatmeal is still bad? can i ask why? thank you for all your help!!
  3. I really appreciate your answer!! I haven’t had any testing because we didn’t realize I needed gluten in my system for the testing and i was already a few weeks into gluten free diet and we didn’t want to disrupt my improving symptoms. My diet isn’t much healthier though, it’s mostly gluten-free pizz...
  4. Hi i’m new to this forum and not sure i’m even doing this right. I have been experiencing severe abdominal pain thats been a sharp burning and crampy feeling. (was previously believed to be endometriosis) Also having bloating and chronic nausea. These symptoms have been going on for nearly a yea...