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  1. Thank you, we will see what the doctors have to say, I guess. Taking this one step further, would anyone know if Avitiminosis is related to celiac disease. It is when you have a vitamin shortage of some sort, showing up in blood test. I believe it is and if so I could link the vitamin shortage...
  2. Yes, that's what I need to research and provide back to the VA
  3. Um, well I am a veteran and am trying to claim them as disability. I have a current diagnosis of celiac disease and polycythemia VRA. The celiac disease was suspicious in 2007 but not confirmed until recently. The VA is asking me what could of caused your service to cause you to now have celiac...
  4. Well, I was diagnosed with both disease, and was just wondering if one could cause the other disease or what
  5. Dose anyone have a website that links celiac disease to polycythemia together.
  6. Just curious if anyone knows if celiac disease and poylcythemavera are related. Can one disease lead to another one or is to common to have both at the same time.