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  1. I can go to my walk in and get free blood tests, and they will give me a free blood test for celiac, because they have an in-house lab. Probably the thing to do. But I was extremely gluten free. Anything that said gluten free and had grain I really didn’t believe. Had a diet that had me a...
  2. Thanks for the reply! Might not hurt to get online tests, and go from there. I sunbathe a lot, get magnesium. One thing has helped a lot is calcium. Like, a lot. B vitamins do provide a huge boost, but I’m scared to take a complex more than a few times a month. After this recent dosing I...
  3. I just pooped my pants today. Funny, but it’s likely the final sign to take this seriously. First time I’ve pooped my pants in my adult life. I can trace back issues to constant constipation, night sweats and naps related to lots of ingestion wheat cereals. My family used to say that I c...