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  1. Thanks, Scott! It does look like the ingredients are gluten free. Sometimes food is made in shared equipment with a chance of cross contamination. Im wondering if anyone else has had a reaction to these items. Take care.
  2. Hey!! I have almost the same symptoms and share in your pain. I've been eating gluten free for three years and have learned to take it one day at a time. Some big tips I'd like to share- Turmeric helps gluten attacks, so does a plain sweet potato (all that fiber seems to push the gluten out...
  3. Has anyone had a reaction to Potbelly Hot Peppers? There are no gluten ingredients listed in the ingredients but I am trying to pair it down. Something recently caused a reaction. What about Trader Joe's Turkey Summer Sausage or Trader Joe's Hashbrown Patties? I've had these items before with...