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  1. Thank you for your response as well. I do have time off and can go in for testing as cities open back up! A second opinion does sound like a good idea, but only for a GI...the more GP's I see (as i said i have one at home and one at school) the crazier I am made out to be. Also, you and the other...
  2. Thank you for your response, it feels good to be heard. Did you ever have to go back "on" gluten to do a blood test and/or an endoscopy? I fear eating it again, as I had hair loss up until I quit it for good.
  3. hello! i am a self-diagnosed celiac at the moment. i have been waiting over a year for help from doctors, have been urged to go on depression/anxiety medications because i must be "mad and angry at the world. you have tricked yourself into food intolerances" even though my symptoms are outstanding...