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  1. ok well thanks for your replies I had a feeling it was going to be something I should be more concerned about. I know my father has some kind of problem with his bowel but we do not see each other so it's hard to find out what. i am 42 by the way and this just came on out of the blue around 4 years...
  2. I never knew it was wheat until pretty recently that was causing it, I never understood gluten and all the different foods that contain wheat and gluten, I am only just now making it to be totally wheat and gluten free. but if I'm honest its left me with more questions and worry I'm also...
  3. it almost felt like my brain was moving (absolutely awful feeling) anyway after eventually going wheat free i have found the head feeling has all but gone but eat anything with wheat in it and it's back with a vengeance my question is does anyone have any experience with these kind...