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  1. I breastfed J.K. until he self-weaned at 23 months, just a couple months ago. I am very much looking forward to breastfeeding this next child, and J.K. if he changes his mind about weaning. I think formula is just too risky and can cause way too many problems. I'm sorry you found it frustrating, but it does get easier. I don't know how long you did, but I think the first 3 months are the toughest. Once the latch is good and no real problems arise, then it's like second nature.
  2. I wish I had found this site when I was pregnant and breastfeeding my first child. I had a very difficult time breastfeeding my first due to supply problems and latch issues. It took 6 days for my milk to come in, and then after my initial engorgement, I had a hard time producing enough. I saw a lactation consultant who discounted having a low supply commenting that it is not a very common problem; many moms just think they have a supply problem. Due to my son not gaining weight well, we had to supplement with formula. I pumped exclusively for 3 months until he latched. Thankfully we only had to supplement for the first 6 weeks. I tried the mother's milk tea and other recommended herbs but nothing worked so I had to go on medication to increase my supply. I was diagnosed with Celiac about 4 years prior to my pregnancy and maintained a gluten free diet most of the time. We quickly realized that our son is also Celiac and reacted to any gluten I ingested. I am not pregnant with our second child, another boy, and I can tell that he reacts to gluten, too. I have noticed that after a couple infractions he is less active. I often can't tell that I've had gluten and rather my 2 year old son is how I know. He is much more sensitive than I am, probably since I ate gluten for so many years. I'm glad to have found this forum! I am due Thanksgiving week, but due to a heart condition I have, I'll be delivering around the beginning of November instead. -Allison H., Celiac Houson, TX J.K. 2 years old, Celiac Baby Boy #2, probably a Celiac, too
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