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  1. I'm a new computer user and also a new member to this site. But I had to reply to MS and Celiac comments, I have been looking for someone like myself for a long time. I was diagnosed first with MS 25 years ago and then diagnosed with Celiac disease 10 years after that. I'm sure I had Celiac first and didn't know it and it caused alot of the brain lesions, (although my doctor says there's no connection). I feel so frustrated sometimes trying to get my family members to be tested. I'm the only diagnosed Celiac, but theres a history of migraines, depression, schizophrenia, and retinal strokes in immediate family members. Something has to change in the medical community to get them to listen to us. I am so worried about my children and grandchildren. I read somewhere that they were going to change celiac disease from a gastrointestinal illness to a brain disease.
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