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  1. I also went more thoroughly today through my pantry and realized I'd inadvertantly glutened myself 3 times this past week. OMG! My dairy free ice cream on a stick had wheat and I had one several days ago. And twice when I've had salad this week I realized the "real bacon bits" also had wheat. *face...
  2. I actually only use the great value brand of anti-diarrhea (when I did use them) and from what I read they are gluten free. I've checked out my meds and hygeine stuff too, to be safe.
  3. All great advice and information! I didn't know that about immodium but I haven't taken it since going gluten free because the diarrhea hasn't been the problem, only the constipation. I will talk to my doctor about checking for any vitamin issues.
  4. Ahh, I wasn't aware that I needed so much water with fiber supplements. I'm currently drinking about a liter of water a day. It really hasn't been that long. I know I have a long way to go before things settle down and begin to heal. Does constipation at least settle some once things begin healing...
  5. Hello all! So after roughly 13 to 14 years we finally discovered I have celiac. I'll skip all of the stuff and symptoms leading up and jump to the heart of the matter. I've only been gluten free since July 10th of 2020. Not very long I know. I saw an immediate improvement. I had regular BMs...