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  1. Rice, rice and rice.. That will be a good start.. and cheap.. If you have a Whole Food Market near you.. Take a walk thru and check out the gluten-free stuff for ideas and prices.. Cheaper that health food stores.. Some other markets are carrying gluten-free foods now.. Good Luck
  2. When I read your post I thought it was mine.. My husband was diagnosed last Aug. also.. Boy what a time we had.. I knew about the diet because I have 2 DD with Celiac.. But he was not getting any better.. He lost 37 pounds.. and by Thanksgiving he looked like death warmed over.. I started him on Cream of rice 3 times a day or eggs.. By Christmas he was putting back some weight and getting some strength back.. It was long and hard.. but he did well. That is until this July 4th. He had gone to the Dr. feeling fine.. Was put back on Benicar for his bloodpressure.. Within one week he was bedridden.. Same problem.. What a flare up.. I had called the Pharmacutical Co. about Benicar's ingredients and they told me as far as they knew it was gluten-free.. We tool him off it and he was feeling better.. Now I am leary about all meds.. And nervous with every Dr's visit..
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