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  1. Oh. I might try that. I stopped seeing the rheumatologist because he just wanted to throw drugs at everything. I see an endocrinologist for the PCOS but whenever I mention anything sans weight she tells me to see my dr. Lol! She has allowed me to try a few weight loss options with her but none have...
  2. Yeah. I forgot to mention, too, that my stomach gurgles all the time whereas before it didn’t. I also have had unexplained weight gain over the last 6 months. I’ve been on MFP for a very long time and have not changed my eating habits. I eat roughly the same types of foods and calories and work out...
  3. Howdy group. I was DX'd with fibro a few years ago, at the same time as osteoarthritis. The dr put me on Cymbalta, which is a depression medication. I'm not sad, I'm upset! I stopped that, though I do know it was for pain. I'm in my upper 40's, have several children, and continue to pay attention...