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  1. My oldest had low bone density growing up which had no known cause. He responded to calcium supplements and vit D. The vitamin D supplement had to be quite high to get him to absorb the calcium. He was tested for celiac when he was 12 with a biopsy, which came back negative although he had been on a low gluten diet , which although we did try to give him more gluten may not have been enough. His blood test at that time was negative although in the past he had a positive with the IGG test. He did test positive when he turned 16 so I suspect that he has a problem with absorption but not enough damage to get a positive test when he was younger. His younger brother is celiac so there is limited gluten in the house.
  2. You could purchase the biocard from Rexall. A positive test should be enough to get your doctor to refer you for further testing. If you have celiac support group in your area they will be able to point you to a doctor who is more open to further testing.
  3. the gluten lite started with the occasional doughnut, but as he had not symptoms and going total gluten free made no difference to how he felt. He had a biopsy done 2 years later and it was negative. After that he gradually ate more and more gluten. It was probably 6 years between initial blood test and developing symptoms. The GI docs and everyone else was convinced that he did not have to be gluten free. He found being gluten free as a teen in high school much more difficult than in elementary or middle school.
  4. I have one son that tested positive for IgG when he was tested at the time of his brothers diagnosis. We did not make him go gluten free at that point. I kept him gluten lite which gradually lapsed. In that time period his asthma and his allergies got worse and he has now 6 years later developed Celiac. I would adopt a slow transition and see what happens.
  5. Hi, I have a 14 year old son and the only answer we have found to missing lots of school was to remove him from the school buildings. He is now going to a virtual school for high school. There was some much gluten around the school building that he was vomiting every day. Look into what your state offers in the way of virtual schooling. the one my son uses has virtual classroom so they chat with their fellow class mates and have classes together.
  6. It depends where in Ottawa, but Pizza Pizza will do gluten free pizza.
  7. Hi, Could any one tell me where I could find a list of gluten free foods available in the UK ? Thank - you very much My problem is I am taking my son who is celiac, dairy free and soy free. He also has a food phobia. Last time we visited the UK he survived on popcorn and ribena for 2 weeks. We usually do not have a lot of down time to go to supermarket as this is a visit the relatives and none of them has gluten friendly houses. I did have the directory last time and it was almost useful, but that was before your ppm was reduced. The new about Whole Foods is great. Thanks
  8. the similar symptoms were the shakes. He was shaking so badly he frighten himself. He was having side effects to the asthma medications to.So it was difficult to sort out what was caused by what. However potassium was not in any of his foods or vitamins and the shakes went away when it was replaced. However that might not be the answer to every case it is just worth considering vit and mineral deficiencies particulary after a growth spurt. For tics I fine that an epsom salts bath can help.
  9. My son had similar symptoms in January they have since resolved but i am sure they were due to low potassium. He was on a couple of medications which deplete K but there was nothing in his diet at was putting it back.
  10. Hi, my oldest son is now being tested for celiac due to a finding of low vit D. However he breaks bones and so they are looking for reasons that he is not absorbing calcium. One of his brothers is the celiac. I think that there is an aus study that found that using lots of sunscreen has led to problems with vit D. Sun Screen and Vitamin D With the hot days of summer, many people use sunscreen thinking they are doing something good for themselves. Most sunscreen is designed blocks UVB sun radiation, which allows your body to create Vitamin D. Some times they do not provide the block for the UVA radiation, which is responsible for sunburn and skin cancer. When you do need a good sunscreen make sure it blocks both UVB and UVA, since both UVA and UVB cause tanning and burning. Fiona
  11. Doctor Notes

    The note I have says To whom it may concern, this is to confirm that ds cannot consume gluten or dairy products. I will say that I have never had to use the note. The doc just wrote it on her prescription pad. Fiona
  12. I have a 12 year old who is low in vitamin d. The endocrinologist suggestion since he will take pills was to use the vit d for babies. You could add some drops to a drink if she will not take is as is. Did any one tell you how much she should get each day to get her levels up ?
  13. Hi Colleen, When you removed soy did you re-introduce dairy? I don't think I can deal with gluten, dairy AND soy. Losing dairy has been a tough pill to swallow. It feels like it has take away the last few shreds of normalcy we still had left. I guess if it comes down to that we will do it, but I'm sure going to whine about it! No, When I removed soy the dairy was still gone from his diet. He has lost it forever. Dairy causes inflammation in his colon. We removed dairy from his diet at the suggestion of his GI doc when she found a lot of inflammation during a colonoscopy. The procedure was repeated 3 months later and the inflammation was gone. However he had been lactose free since he was 4 1/2 years old and I was never very happy with dairy in his diet so his dairy was only lactose free milk at breakfast time.Not difficult to remove. Soy however was a major pain and it has taken 4 months until I have reached a point where I think I can cope with this. Doc's opionin about removing soy was "You can not do that he would have nothing to eat!" When we removed dairy from his diet I did get feed back from his teacher. She had noticed changes in his behavoiur in the class room and was unaware of any changes to his diet. So I would talk to your sons teacher to see if she has noticed any diffrences in the classroom. Sometimes I find that ds will focus on the negative and not see the what he has gained because it was subtle and slow. Ds is 10 years old by the way. However on a side note ds(12) has tried gluten-free/df/sf and it has made no diffrence to his tremor. Would your son be helped by a laptop ? You could probably get a letter from the neurologist to say that the school should use adaptive technology. The school may even have to provide this for him. There is speech to text software and word predictive software that might help your son. Fiona
  14. Hi Colleen, Question - Did you replace the dairy with soy ? My son has a motor speed processing disoder with a dysgraphia diagnosis. When he came of dairy it made no diffrence to this problem. There were very noticible changes in other areas. However when I took him of soy there was a significant change in his motor speed. Things have improved in that area, but he was in the 4% for speed. Handwriting is still bad, but now we have some writing. Fiona
  15. Spelling "The Spelling Book" by Gladys Rosencran's Might help. What works with ds is to make your own flash cards. If he cannot spell the word he takes the card away and looks at it trys to break the word into smaller words. They do not have to be real words. He also looks to see if he can change the pronunciation to help him. He continues to look at the word until he has a picture in his head. When making your own flash card you can use diffrent colours and even use pictures. Ds is not helped by writing out the words or helped by rote memorisation.
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