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  1. Oh that almost makes me not want to even do it. I’m going on about 30 hours without gluten and feel 10xs better already. As far as the DH. That’s what these look like. Clear heads (thought fire ant bites or something) super itchy and red.
  2. It’s minimal but just noticed it today. About 8-9 individual little red bumps on my knee. Thought it was a pimple breakout or maybe even bed bugs or something at first but I just started putting the puzzle pieces together. Just itch and are small and red
  3. Hello all. I have not been medically diagnosed with celiac disease yet but I am almost 100% I have it. Yellow fatty stools. Diarrhea. Extreme bloating and belching. Fatigue that hits me out of nowhere can causes me to be more tired than I ever have before (I am a very active person). And oh yeah...