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  1. Blood work negative, endoscopy negative. Dermatologist convinced it’s DH. I am convinced as well since I have stomach problems forever and this rash forever for which no one ever knew the reason. Typical nasty DH perfectly symmetrical (picture below). My dermatologist for some reason took 2 biopsies, ...
  2. Thank you very much.so Is it still considered Celiac disease if the antibodies were found in the skin only?
  3. Is it possible to get a positive skin biopsy for celiac disease but negative bloodwork and negative endoscopy/intestinal biopsy?
  4. I've had a rash and stomach problems since I was a child and never properly diagnosed. I recently saw an allergist who confirmed that this is dermatitis herpetiformis and referred me to a gastroenterologist and a dermatologist. My blood work came out negative. The gastroenterologist is positive that...