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  1. Hey I know this is a year later and I hope you've figured out what was causing your issue, but something to consider would be your pepper. I've seen pepper that has anti caking agent in it - which is basically wheat.
  2. I had been gluten free for the first time in my life for two months before I took the test.
  3. If I eat gluten and get a skin biopsy for DH that comes back positive, do I also need to do an endoscopic biopsy to confirm celiac as well?
  4. Yeah, my gastroenterologist put me in touch with a dietician to make sure that my diet was balanced without the gluten, and the dietician was like "to be honest if your blood test was negative for celiac I don't see why eating gluten should make you sick, these days people are just obsessed with...
  5. Yep. It'll help for personal closure, and getting the treatment I need for DH. But yeah, I suppose over time I can grow to accept that there will be people who still cast doubt.
  6. Yep, I have started figuring that out and have cut out just about most things I love. My rule is I just don't eat it if I'm not sure. My concern at this point is to just have some sort of diagnosis to feel validated you know? Because I have family that doesn't really believe this is a problem and...
  7. Hi everyone, Bit of a long read here. 9 months ago I started to get this stinging rash on my face and my dermat recommended an elimination diet. The rash went away, but came back when only wheat was reintroduced. I decided to cut gluten out of my diet, and that's when my rash went away and...